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Shouhei Mizushima (Iki)
Shouhei Mizushima (Iki)

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PostSubject: よろしく!俺は水島正平だ。   よろしく!俺は水島正平だ。 Icon_minitimeFri Mar 22, 2019 5:13 pm

Mizushima Shouhei
**Not in western order

Representative of:
Iki Island (壱岐島 Iki-no-shima)


Human: 20
Historical: Alive since Japanese Paleolithic era

Brief personality:
Shouhei is a cheery young man who looks up to his older brother, but constantly teases him. He loves to irritate his brother, finding it hilarious. Aside from that, he is optimistic, loving to joke around and enjoy life. He loves to eat, and he's a great cook. He is pretty good in social situations, and he's very extroverted. Despite that, he's a hopeless romatic who gets nervous around girls. Otherwise, he's a partier at heart, loving to spend time with friends and drink. He gets rather chatty when drunk, sometimes spilling some of his secrets.

He loves summer and spring and the outdoors, as well as beaches and swimming. Boating is another hobby of his, which he has a liscense in and his own boat. Despite being around oceans and the outdoors a lot, he doesn't try to maintain a beach body.

Brief physical description:
Shouhei has silky pitch black hair with neck-length bangs and the hair on the back of his head reaching down past his neck. Because he's Asian, he looks younger than he is and always gets carded for drinking. He has almond shaped dark brown eyes that look black with double lids. Considered fairly handsome, he uses aging cream and washes his face constantly to keep up his appearance. Because he's outside all the time, he has fairly tanned skin, which is soft to the touch. He is slim and only slightly toned, tall at the height of 6'0. He wears rather stylish but casual clothes, never really one for trying to look sophisticated. His clothes are always comfortable, no matter what.


Brief history:
The Iki Islands have been inhabited since the Japanese Paleolithic era, and numerous artifacts from the Jōmon, Yayoi and Kofun periods have been found by archaeologists, indicating continuous human occupation and activity. In the Chinese Wèizhì Wōrén chuán (Japanese 魏志倭人伝, Gishi Wajinden), part of the Records of the Three Kingdoms dating from the third century, mention is made of a country called “Iki”, (一支国, Iki-koku), located on an archipelago east of the Korean Peninsula. Archaeologists have tentatively identified this with the large Yayoi period settlement of Harunotsuji, one of the largest to have been discovered in Japan, where artifacts uncovered indicate a close contact with the Japanese islands and the Asian mainland.

The islands were organized as Iki Province under the Ritsuryō reforms in the latter half of the seventh century, and the name Iki-no-kuni appears on wooden markers found in the imperial capital of Nara.

During the Heian period, the island was attacked by Jurchen pirates in the Toi invasion of 1019. Afterwards, the islands came under the rule of the Matsura clan, who developed trade and commercial relations between Goryeo in Korea, Tsushima, Iki and Kyushu. However, the islands were again devastated by the Kamakura period Mongol invasions of Japan in 1274 and 1281 during which time many of its inhabitants were slaughtered. Throughout the Muromachi period, the islands were a main base for the Japanese Wokou pirates, who plundered coastal settlements in Korea and China. Following the establishment of the Tokugawa shogunate in the Edo period, the islands came under the rule of Hirado Domain.

Following the Meiji Restoration, the islands became part of "Hirado Prefecture" from 1871, which then became part of Nagasaki Prefecture.

The islands were fortified with numerous coastal artillery batteries during World War II, but did not experience any combat. Remains of these fortifications can be found on the island of Wakamiyajima, north of the main Iki Island. On November 18, 1948, Lt. William Downham, from the USAF 36th Fighter Group stationed at Ashiya Air Field, experienced engine failure in his North American P-51 Mustang while patrolling the Korea Strait between Japan and the Korean Peninsula. He successfully parachuted onto Iki Island.

In the 1960s and 1970s, in particularly the town of Iki, the islanders were notorious for overfishing, but blamed declining catches on the local species of whales and dolphins. In 1977, the local fishermen invited television companies to film the mass slaughter of dolphins. In response, activists heavily condemned the fishermen's acts of killing the dolphins. In view of the already endangered Japanese amberjack, the local town government banned large-scale, commercial fishing of Japanese amberjack after 1982.

Religious affiliation:

Any special powers or abilities:

This character's hexcode is #993300.
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