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 Alltid Fri Aldri Redd

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Null Eldr (Gronnhol)
Null Eldr (Gronnhol)

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PostSubject: Alltid Fri Aldri Redd   Sun Feb 17, 2019 9:39 pm

Null Eldr.
Name means 'no fire.'


1484 (looks 26).

Physical Description:
Eyes: Sea blue
Hair: White
Height: 6'6
Weight: 185 lb.
Null has light brown skin that accentuates his bright white hair. His ears, which are covered by his hair, are a little pointy when looked close at. He has an eyepatch over his right eye, and he is adorned with gold on his neck and waist. His clothes look a rather foreign and strange, but only because he's wearing royal clothes. He always has a bow and arrow on him, which is rather heavy, but is light to him because he's rather toned. Though he seems to be very tall, he's actually rather average for his species.


Brief Personality:
Null is a clever elf who tends to be a bit mischeavous. He often gets in trouble but he doesn't care. Others' opinions don't matter to him, and he is stuck on being true to himself. Though he may be perceived as a bit of a softie when you first meet him, don't let it fool you. He is sadistic and loves to mess with people, their flustered expressions giving him satisfaction. He seems to be extremely flirtatious sometimes, but deep down, he has some trust issues and some trouble with love. Therefore, most of his sexual encounters are platonic and mean nothing. Still, he has no problem calling someone 'cute' or 'sexy' just to see their reactions. Despite all of this, he can be serious if times call for it, but it doesn't happen too often. If someone pisses him off, he can be a bit harsh with words, but he doesn't too often get in physical encounters. He can be a bit condescending depending on the situation, and there are very, very few people that he looks up to. Also, he rarely ever shows his emotional or weak side to anyone.

Representative Of:

Gronnhol means 'greenwood.'

Day Formed:
Existed longer than mankind.


King Lure Eldr.



On another plane of the Earth. On top of it, yet not at the same time.

About the size of India.


Coat of Arms:

Alltid fri, aldri redd, Grunnhol's motto, means "Always free, never fear."

On Earth, little is known about Gronnhol. Very few people believe it exists, but quite a few people have heard tales about it. The tale is known more in Scandinavian, countries, and some people in Germany, but it's not too well known outside of those nations.

The tale goes like this:
There is a peaceful land that is beyond the realms of the Earth, on Earth, but not. Beings known as elves, creatures in touch with nature and sexuality, live there in harmony. Before it became a kindom, it was filled with bloodshed to determine who would rule the land. An elf known as Anfang Eldr, who was only 400 years old (looking about 18 in human age), had a determined heart to bring the land together. Travelling town to town to gain the trust of the elves, he eventually became known around the land everywhere. He refused to fight anyone, and helped anyone out that needed it. He fell in love with a young woman named Laiyet who brought out the best in him. After marrying her, she got pregnant, and he became scared of the world the baby would be brought into. Using all his influences, he came up with a plan to bring everyone together. He created a money system so bartering and trading became useless. He helped people build cities, and used his intellect to make the land grow. After a few years, the land decided he should rule, and appointed him as the first king of Gronnhol. The land has been mostly peaceful since. Despite the peace, Laiyet died early because someone poisoned her. Anfang became destressed and sickly, making him age faster. He was able to raise his son to be about 120 (about 8 human-wise), before he died of his illness and stress. Lure became the new King, and has been since. Centuries later, he married a woman named Anha, who he had a child named Null with late in his life due to complications. Currently, Lure is about 20,000 (~80) years old, ready to retire from being a king.

Rumoured to have relations with Norway.

Major Exports:
Magic and wildlife. Influences Earth's nature, harvests, and even sexuality.

Religious Affiliation:

Special Abilities
Null is completely accurate with his bow and arrow. He's pretty strong and has magical abilities over plants and animals. Only on rare occasions, when he needs to, he can control weather too.
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Alltid Fri Aldri Redd
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