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 Introduction: Gdańsk

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Frederick P. (Gdańsk)
Frederick P. (Gdańsk)

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PostSubject: Introduction: Gdańsk   Fri Jan 18, 2019 1:11 am

Name: Frederick Pienkowski

Representative of: Gdańsk / Danzig (Polish/German)

Age: Nineteen-years old, 26 Historical Years.

Brief personality: Gdańsk is fiercely nationalistic, despite being briefly independent he still exhibits pride in himself and his past. Devoted to his peers and friends to a fault, and hardly too shy to be the first in a fight either, his previous leaders had referred to him as a hot head, sometimes being more trouble than he was worth. Gdańsk is a shrewd young man and quite the linguist, seemingly able to talk his way out of any problem he cannot sort out with his fists. Gdańsk begrudgingly associates with Western Europeans. Preferring to associate with the Baltic states and Nordics, including Belarus and Poland over Germany and France. In solitude he is a sensitive individual that has journaled since his recognition in 1800s however he often hides this side of himself.

Brief physical description: Gdańsk has light-coloured brown hair and emerald hued eyes. His hair falls just shy of his shoulders and along with his fair complexion and easy smile he can appear feminine at times. He stands quite tall at six-foot-one though he has a slender build giving the impression, that when he is worked up, his bark is bigger than his bite. (Despite the image), He usually has his sleeves rolled up wearing button up shirts and trousers in his youthful attempt to appear ‘cool’ and charming. On his left ring finger, he wears a Edelweiss Ring from his service in the second world war.

Brief history: From 1230, Danzig had been populated by Catholic Europeans. The city being a key port for those who would have it within their border, for some time this was the Teutonic Order and later the Kingdom of Prussia when Poland was forced to cede land multiple times to its neighbours. Prussians and Poles had lived there for centuries though it was the French in 1812 that guaranteed Danzig’s independence. Becoming a client state of the French Empire until it was later taken again by the Kingdom of Prussia. Those brief years as an independent state, it was known as Gdańsk until it was taken, and autonomy reduced once more. Following the next century, until 1918, Danzig would remain under German control until they were made a free state once more and protected from both German and Polish hands. Once again, the city-states name changed to Gdańsk to appease their Polish neighbours however the years leading to 1939 and the Second World War would prove to push the city-state into the arms of the Germans once more. Danzig was welcomed into the Axis and the significant German populace would serve in the war. Their independence promised to them once more if they fought the Polish for it however it was not to be and they were annexed into the Polish State. Gdańsk now proudly supports Poland in trade and militarily and is one of Poland’s larger cities in the state of Pomerania.

Religious affiliation: Roman Catholic.

Special powers: None.
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Introduction: Gdańsk
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