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 The People of Senekian Monarchy (Kyoko)

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Senekian Republic

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PostSubject: The People of Senekian Monarchy (Kyoko)   Thu Nov 08, 2018 12:21 am

Name: Kyoko Minori

Representative of: The United Peoples of the

Senekian Monarchy

Gender: Female

*Human: 19
*Historical: 13 million years

Brief personality: Kyoko is an outgoing and quiet

country. She is often kind to all, but not to people

who are intentionally cruel hearted or rude like

North Korea. She is ambitious, never allowing silly

visions blind her from her goals and in war she

sometimes becomes too ruthless and has to be

kicked down a few pegs by another country. The

girl does like lots of physical interaction (unlike

her brother Japan), and she often hugs her friends,

along with greeting them, praising them and

saying goodbye to them with a kiss on the cheek

or nose, sometimes even the wrist bone. Again in

war the girl can be quite over zealous, sometimes

becoming carefree and abandoning her bosses

goals to pursue her wishes. She often doesn't

listen to her boss on account of being an

impulsive person, even putting herself in danger

to save a 'little brother' from the clutches of a

threatening country

Brief physical description: Kyoko between South

Korea and Japan in the middle of the sea of

Japan. 1/4 of the country is being controlled by

North Korea. Seneko looks a lot like Japan but

she's a little shorter and she has wider eyes and

broader hips. Her skin is pale and her eyes are a

crystal blue with hair that is a ebony black. She is

usually seen wearing baggy brown cargo pants,

black leather boots, an army green jacket and a

black form fitting tank top. Her formal wear is a

plain navy blue dolly dress with a shiny black belt

around the waist. Her casual clothing is not

something she wears often, but is a pink and

white cherry blossom dolly dress with off the

shoulder sleeves.

Brief history: Senekia has undergone many

strifeful situations. Since North Korea has shown

interest in the land and rich sources, Senekia had

been struggling to keep him out of her country, at

the moment Senekia has 1/ 4 of it being

controlled by North Korea, who she is only able to

keep at bay now that they pose a nuclear threat.

Senekia was first founded just 2 million years after

Japan and was founded by a man name Hide

Ohtori. Senekia has stuck close to her Japanese

and Chinese roots but has welcomed the adverse

celtic cultures and even some Korean symbols

into her language, which the main language

spoken is Shoatu (a mix of Korean and Japanese

with some added chinese symbols), though it is a

requirement in school to learn Japanese. Senekia

hasn't faced too many wars but was forced into

the Second World War, in which she joined the

side of the Axis Powers, because she had wanted

to gain respect and power, along with the ability

to sit at the table with the 'big dogs'. Senekia is

not an anti-male country but women uniting is

seen as very beautiful and there is even a program

to help women in other countries like Africa and

Iran, where women are either rescued or people

from Senekia's land are sent out to help with

education and bring food to the starving people.

Religious affiliation: Taoist, Buddhist, shinto

Any special powers or abilities: Not really, She is

very very strong, intelligent, but she often spaces

off and has imaginary friends like England and

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The United Kingdom

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PostSubject: Re: The People of Senekian Monarchy (Kyoko)   Sat Jan 19, 2019 8:56 pm

I'm assuming this is a self-made place. Please specify otherwise. It would help if you used the application specially made for self-made countries, though it's not required. I just need confirmation that this is a self-made place before I approve it.


Many believe that it's wonderful to be a nation.

But they forget...

There's the pain. The destruction. The loneliness.

Worst of all... matter what you do... will never forget the damage...

...of losing your closest friends...

...because you were too stupid to open your eyes and realise what you had before it was all

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The People of Senekian Monarchy (Kyoko)
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