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 Ooooooh hello hello hello, what do we have here... - Vesuvius 2P

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Count Lucio (2P!Vesuvia)
Count Lucio (2P!Vesuvia)

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PostSubject: Ooooooh hello hello hello, what do we have here... - Vesuvius 2P   Mon Jul 16, 2018 10:36 pm



Representative Of

Vesuvia (2P)




35- Physical | around 200 or so years -Place

Brief Personality

Lucio is frequently described as High-Class Trash by the people (behind his back). He is vain, volatile, and selfish, and denies things he disagrees with. His actions range from throwing an artist in the dungeons over artistic disagreements (the artist refused to paint breasts on a bird lady), to setting people on fire for insulting him. It has also been strongly rumored he rips people’s hearts out, and used magic for racketeering. However, he has never abusive in any of his relationships.

He exaggerates his suffering, loudly and dramatically, to wring sympathy out of anyone unfortunate enough to hear him. He also loves animals, and has a fondness for magic despite his lack of skill. He is known for keeping quite the menagerie of animals, two seen most with him, Mercedes and Melchior two Borzoi like hounds of white.

Brief Appearance

Lucio is a fair skinned man with blond hair and pale eyes (though his favorite season is summer). His eyebrows were a strange shape and naturally darker than his hairs. He dressed richly in furs, gold medals, sleek heeled boots, and love cut shirt and jacket. He has an enchanted, golden prosthetic in place of his left arm, with removable gold armor plating. The arm has veins of light between the pieces and joints, which are white in official artwork but red during the plague. The prosthetic an extension of the missing section of his own arm lost in his mercenary years.

Official Art / Reference:

Brief History

Personal History:

History Of Location:



Special Abilities

Dabbles in magic though he, himself is unable to perform it correctly, though he has a fancy for setting people on fire.

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Ooooooh hello hello hello, what do we have here... - Vesuvius 2P
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