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 "To escape is impossible, to surrender unthinkable. Let us fight with bravery and honor our arms." - János Hunyadi

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Luca Hunedoara (Corvin)
Luca Hunedoara (Corvin)

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"To escape is impossible, to surrender unthinkable. Let us fight with bravery and honor our arms." - János Hunyadi Empty
PostSubject: "To escape is impossible, to surrender unthinkable. Let us fight with bravery and honor our arms." - János Hunyadi   "To escape is impossible, to surrender unthinkable. Let us fight with bravery and honor our arms." - János Hunyadi Icon_minitimeSun Jul 15, 2018 6:04 pm

Luca Hunedoara
Real name is Luca Hunyadi, though his name was forced to change when he became under Romanian rule.

Representative of:
Corvin Castle.


Human: 29
Historical: Built around 14th century.
He only gained his rep after fighting in wars. His real age is a lot older as a non-rep, and is practically unknown since he has been alive for so long.

Brief personality:
Luca is a rather classy individual who is usually formal, and seems kind at first glance. His self image is very important to him so he often tries his best to fit in and be kind, though deep down, he doesn't really care too much for other individuals. He finds himself to be emotionally detached and finds it hard to feel sympathy or empathy, as well as companionship. He has been alive for a long time and still hasn't found company worth his time, so he has much doubt for it to ever happen, but he's still a bit hopeful. He wishes to find someone who he can consider a friend or a partner, but he's rather defensive and pushes people away if he finds any doubt. His vampiric heritage is a secret for the most part, so finding out that about him will get him to get upset or defensive. He will either bribe or threaten the individual to keep their silence.

When he has to change to his vampire form and hunt, he can be rather merciless. He will trap the individual he wants to drink from, forcefully suck their blood, knock them out, heal their wound, then erase their memories. If he finds someone in particular to be delicious, he may visit them more often. His favourite delicacy is angel's blood, but it's extremely hard to get.

Like the person who Corvin Castle was built for, Luca is a strong general with unprecedented battle knowledge and strength.

Brief physical description:
Luca is a tall male at 6'2 with a toned build, but not overly muscular. He has pale skin for a Hungarian, so he's not blindingly white. He has black hair that turns white at the tips and bright white teeth. He always wears clothes that look like they went out of style hundreds of years ago, though he has earrings that look rather new. Though he is a vampire, he is usually always wearing a cross somewhere on his outfit.

In his vampire form, he has pointy ears and long fangs, as well as glowing red eyes.
In his human form, his ears are normal and he just has suspiciously sharp canines. His eyes are a dull red, closer to a brown.

Official Ref:
Official Art:

Brief history:
Corvin Castle was laid out in 1446, when construction began on the orders of John Hunyadi (Hungarian: Hunyadi János, Romanian: Iancu or Ioan de Hunedoara) who wanted to transform the former keep built by Charles I of Hungary. The castle was originally given to John Hunyadi's father, Voyk (Vajk), by Sigismund, king of Hungary, as severance in 1409. It was also in 1446 that John Hunyadi was elected as the regent-governor of the Kingdom of Hungary by the Diet.

Built in a Renaissance-Gothic style and constructed over the site of an older fortification on a rock above the small Zlaști River, the castle is a large and imposing structure with tall towers, bastions, an inner courtyard, diversely coloured roofs, and myriads of windows and balconies adorned with stone carvings. The castle also features a double wall for enhanced fortification and is flanked by both rectangular and circular towers, an architectural innovation for the period's Transylvanian architecture. Some of the towers (the Capistrano Tower, the Deserted Tower and the Drummers' Tower) were used as prisons. The Buzdugan Tower (a type of mace after which it was named) was solely built for defensive purposes and it had its exterior decorated with geometric motifs. The rectangular shaped towers have large openings to accommodate larger weapons.

The castle has 3 large areas: the Knight's Hall, the Diet Hall and the circular stairway. The halls are rectangular in shape and are decorated with marble. The Diet Hall was used for ceremonies or formal receptions whilst the Knight's Hall was used for feasts. In 1456, John Hunyadi died and work on the castle stagnated. Starting with 1458, new commissions were being undergone to construct the Matia Wing of the castle. In 1480, work was completely stopped on the castle and it was recognised as being one of the biggest and most impressive buildings in Eastern Europe.

The 16th century did not bring any improvements to the castle, but during the 17th century new additions were made, for aesthetic and military purposes. Aesthetically, the new Large Palace was built facing the town. A two level building, it hosted living chamber and a large living area. For military purposes, two new towers were constructed: the White Tower and the Artillery Tower. Also, the external yard was added, used for administration and storage.

The current castle is the result of a fanciful restoration campaign undertaken after a disastrous fire and many decades of total neglect. It has been noted that modern "architects projected to it their own wistful interpretations of how a great Gothic castle should look".

Tourists are told that it was the place where Vlad III of Wallachia (commonly known as Vlad the Impaler) was held prisoner by John Hunyadi, Hungary's military leader and regent during the King's minority, for 7 years after Vlad was deposed in 1462. Later, Vlad III entered a political alliance with John Hunyadi, although the latter was responsible for the execution of his father, Vlad II Dracul. Because of these links, the Hunedoara Castle is sometimes mentioned as a source of inspiration for Bram Stoker's Castle Dracula. In fact, Stoker neither knew about Vlad's alliance with Hunyadi, nor about Hunyadi's castle. Instead, Stoker's own handwritten research notes confirm that the novelist imagined the Castle Dracula to be situated on an empty top in the Transylvanian Călimani Mountains near the former border with Moldavia.

In the castle yard, near the 15th-century chapel, there is a well 30 meters deep. According to the legend, this fountain was dug by 3 Turkish prisoners to whom liberty was promised if they reached water. After 15 years they completed the well, but their captors did not keep their promise. It is said that the inscription on a wall of the well means "you have water, but not soul". Specialists, however, have translated the inscription as "he who wrote this inscription is Hasan, who lives as slave of the giaours, in the fortress near the church".

Religious affiliation:

Any special powers or abilities:
Luca is a pureblood vampire, one of the firsts ever. Because of this, he has extremely strong vampire powers. He can inject paralysing venom when he bites someone to keep them still when he drinks their blood, along with a few other venoms. He has unmatched physical strength, and can 'bloodbend' very well. Of course, he can also hypnotise victims for short amounts of time.

Unfortunately, being pureblood has many cons, too. Because he has no human in him, he can't even eat any human food without throwing it up, so it's hard to fit in. He has classic vampire weaknesses, and he's a lot weaker to them than non-purebloods, though he's had a long time to build up tolerance. Instead of getting sunburns easily, if he stays in the sun for too long, he'll start throwing up blood and possibly pass out. Same thing occurs if he stays around holy objects for too long. Though he's trained himself for a long time to be less vulnerable to it, so he now wears crosses to blend in a bit more. He's still unable to handle reading bible verses, hearing them, and going into churches.

Since he is a pureblood, the time without eating food is much shorter. He has to eat once a day to be healthy, and if he goes about 3 days without eating, he will begin to lose his sentience and turn into a mindless beast who will do anything for blood. It is a defence mechanism for vampires so they get well fed, and for Luca, he has killed before and made rash decisions in this mindset, so he makes sure to have blood stored in case of an emergency.

He uses a golden tipped cane as a weapon when need be.

This character's hexcode is #830303.

UTAU Page (Voice): [Link]
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"To escape is impossible, to surrender unthinkable. Let us fight with bravery and honor our arms." - János Hunyadi
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