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 The Gateway To Infinity

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Rowan Ainsworth (MRF)

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PostSubject: The Gateway To Infinity   Tue May 08, 2018 7:36 pm

Rowan Grant Ainsworth



Physical Description:
Eyes: Purple
Hair: Light brown
Height: 5'9
Weight: 160lb
More Info:
Rowan keeps his long hair tied back with a ribbon and wears glasses constantly. He carries himself with a confident gait and his eyes always seem cold, despite his sometimes smiling face. With an eerie aura, one can almost always find him wearing a lab coat. He smells of hospital and cleaning supplies, and often wears surgical gloves. Under his labcoat is usually always formal wear, like a collared shirt, neck tie, and dress pants. He always looks clean and orderly. He has an outlet on the back of his neck and on his hands just like the other test subjects.


Brief Personality:
Rowan is a very fake individual who sometimes lets his true self be seen. At first, he comes off as nice, but something is always very off about him. He has a creepy aura, and his eyes always seem harsh and cold despite his sometimes warm words. If you aren't seeing his twisted side, just about everything he says is fake. He takes pleasure in making others suffer, and doesn't really care for the consequences. His darkness is what fuels his interest in researching human experimentation, and his ruthlessness is what gained him the position at the top of the MRF. He doesn't have many friends as he views most people as his subordinates. His cocky attitude is what makes him bad with romantic relationships, and what has led him to have minimal dating experiences. All of them have ended with him getting broken up with because they found him too odd. He finds himself despising human relations, jealous of others who have close friends and romantic partners. His own family disowned him for constantly dissecting animals as a child, so he was raised in a foster home. This makes him resent families as well, and he finds himself believing altruism is a myth and that everyone has their own secret motives behind all actions.

Personal History:
He grew up till age 10 with a strict family that taught him obedience was the answer to everything. He had to dress how they please, do as they please, and listen as they please. This coldness taught him to be emotionally detatched, and he found himself dissecting animals at a young age to take his anger out. When his parents found out, they called him a monster and sent him off to a foster home, where he grew up. This place was also rather strict and he'd have to do lots of chores when he wasn't in school. When he got into college, he studied hard to become a doctor and took lots of classes, able to finish a whole year early. He got sent to work at Mortimer Islands, and got involved with the terrible research there. He was renowned as a genius and quickly became the head of the facility. When he discovered how to make a human become a representative, he put himself through the same treatment to become immortal and became the representative of the MRF.

Representative Of:
Mortimer's Research Facility

It is a research facility created by Gerald Mortimer.

Day Formed:
May 18, 2018.

Rowan Ainsworth, himself.

The head facility is in Rorshire.


“The gateway to infinity.”

Created in 2018, the MRF started doing research on representatives. It wasn't until 2022 when they began human experimentation, taking the lives of 16 year olds and experimenting on them until they died. The mothers were paid off to keep quiet, and the UK's goverment was paid off to keep silent about the experimentation. On the surface, it seemed that the MRF was doing research into the cure of things like ALS, Cancer, and other life-threatening illnesses. But really, they were hooking young children up and using them like rats. Most of the people he experimented on died by ages 20-24. The government of the UK was about to stop his experiments, but Mortimer paid them off to keep them from doing so. Upon experimenting on the 4814th person, the weather changed with her emotions and the MRF noticed that she wasn’t showing any signs of normal human growth like she should. Ainsworth, the head researcher at the time, noticed that she became stronger and healed up quickly when wounded. He realised; the MRF made a human turn into a nation. At this point, Mortimer was running short on money, so he stopped paying off the UK government officials in order to flee to a new island. He got caught, and the MRF was ordered to get rid of the research. Ainsworth never really destroyed the information, and when the country gained independence in 2084, he used his research to turn himself into a representative. The MRF still works on human experimentation to create cures for deseases and to discover the truth behind what the soul is.

Religious Affiliation:
Also researches into the meaning of religion, trying to prove whether there is a god or not by tampering with human lives. Mostly researches into Christianity.

Special Abilities
He is a genius.
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The Gateway To Infinity
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