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 We Can Be Heroes

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Adrian K. (Thessaloniki)

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PostSubject: We Can Be Heroes   We Can Be Heroes Icon_minitimeMon May 07, 2018 9:24 am

Name: Adrian Karpusi

Representative of: Thessaloniki

Gender: Male


Brief personality:
Adrian is much like Heracles, the personification of Greece in the fact that he is somewhat of a heavy sleeper. He too is fond of cats, though perhaps not quite as much as Hera. He is lazy, but he by no means will not do his best when attacked. He is not fond of fire, due to a previous great fire burning much of the city down. He is fond of water, however, partially due to being a port city himself. One thing Adrian enjoys is shopping, as well as dancing and singing. Due to being considered the cultural capital of Greece, he is very largely invested into the performing arts.

Brief physical description:

Adrian is a man of average height, with semi messy brown hair much like Heracles, and green eyes. His hands are rough from working with ships. His face might be adorned with simple makeup on occasion, and his clothes are usually stylish, if simple. He is almost always seen with a cat in his arms unless shopping. He does not have a curl like many nations and cities do.


Brief history:

The city was founded around 315 BC by the King Cassander of Macedon, on or near the site of the ancient town of Therma and 26 other local villages. He named it after his wife Thessalonike, a half-sister of Alexander the Great and princess of Macedonia as daughter of Philip II. Under the kingdom of Macedonia the city retained its own autonomy and parliament and evolved to become the most important city in Macedonia.

After the fall of the kingdom of Macedonia in 168 BC, in 148 BC Thessalonica was made the capital of the Roman province of Macedonia. Thessalonica became a free city of the Roman Republic under Mark Antony in 41 BC. It grew to be an important trade-hub located on the Via Egnatia, the road connecting Dyrrhachium with Byzantium, which facilitated trade between Thessaloniki and great centers of commerce such as Rome and Byzantium. Thessaloniki also lay at the southern end of the main north-south route through the Balkans along the valleys of the Morava and Axios river valleys, thereby linking the Balkans with the rest of Greece. The city later became the capital of one of the four Roman districts of Macedonia. Later it became the capital of all the Greek provinces of the Roman Empire because of the city's importance in the Balkan peninsula.

At the time of the Roman Empire, about 50 A.D., Thessaloniki was also one of the early centers of Christianity; while on his second missionary journey, Paul the Apostle visited this city's chief synagogue on three Sabbaths and sowed the seeds for Thessaloniki's first Christian church. Later, Paul wrote two letters to the new church at Thessaloniki, preserved in the Biblical canon as First and Second Thessalonians. Some scholars hold that the First Epistle to the Thessalonians is the first written book of the New Testament.

In 306 AD, Thessaloniki acquired a patron saint, St. Demetrius, a native of Thessalonica whom Galerius put to death. A basilical church was first built in the 5th century AD dedicated to St. Demetrius.

When the Roman Empire was divided into the tetrarchy, Thessaloniki became the administrative capital of one of the four portions of the Empire under Galerius Maximianus Caesar, where Galerius commissioned an imperial palace, a new hippodrome, a triumphal arch and a mausoleum among others.

In 379, when the Roman Prefecture of Illyricum was divided between the East and West Roman Empires, Thessaloniki became the capital of the new Prefecture of Illyricum. In 390, Gothic troops under the Roman Emperor Theodosius I, led a massacre against the inhabitants of Thessalonica, who had risen in revolt against the Gothic soldiers. By the time of the Fall of Rome in 476, Thessaloniki was the second-largest city of the Eastern Roman Empire.

Byzantine Era:

Religious affiliation: Orthodox Christian

Any special powers or abilities: N/A
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We Can Be Heroes
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