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 I Must Find What I Lost

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Merik Lennox (Synthea)

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PostSubject: I Must Find What I Lost   Sun May 06, 2018 2:33 am

Merik Sullivan Lennox.
This is just his alias as a nation. His actual name is Micah Shiloh Hale.



Physical Description:
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Dark blue. Looks black in most lighting. (takes a pill from the future to change his hair colour. Otherwise it's platinum blonde)
Height: 6’0”.
Weight: 184 lb.; has an athletic build.
More Info:
Because he was made from testing and experiments, he has ports (where you can plug something in) on his body. On the back of his neck, he has an outlet that kind of looks like a MIDI in/out port [image]. Its purpose was to transfer information to and from his brain. It was also used to control his nervous system when needed. He has a port on each hand (on the palm) that looks similar to an audio jack (what you plug headphones into and whatnot). He was never told what they were for; as he knows is that they electrocuted him when he was ‘charged.’ He has the number 004815 tattooed in black ink on his right shoulder because he was the 4815th test subject.  

He wears gloves and has long hair in the back in order to hide the ports on his hands and neck. He typically wears dark clothes and boots. When he's not wearing his favourite black hoodie, he often wears a scarf to help cover his neck. His favourite colour is blue, so he often wears that colour. Otherwise, he wears neutral colours.

He used to have black hair, dark blue eyes, and a slight tan, but the experiments he went through messed around with his body and greatly reduced the amount of melanin his body created, making his skin, hair, and eyes lighter.


Brief Personality:
The experimentation changed his personality entirely. He used to be kind and happy, but now he only acts that way to mask his emptiness and anger. He doesn't trust anyone and he is silently judgemental. Though he is lonely, he acts otherwise and pushes away anyone who tries to get close to him. With a great resentment for the ports on his body, he'll get upset if they are mentioned, but try to avoid the subject or lie about it. He isn't normally very truthful since he feels he can't trust anyone with the truth. Though it's very hard to tell since he seems to be genuinely a nice guy on the surface. He seems wholesome, rounded, and all around fun. Perhaps even a little shy. But do not mistake him for a kind person because he is far from it. He has his own dark secret that no one knows...

He's very confident but puts on an act that he's a gentle, awkward guy. To almost anyone, that is exactly what he is. The chance of seeing his true side is one in a billion, and people who do don't normally get to tell the tale. He is very claustrophobic from being held down from experimentation, and he hates the colour white since that was all he saw in the room he was experimented on. He is strangley unafraid of sharp objects, dangerously so. He is sick of soups and broths, and can't stand even the smell. It will make him nauseous. He often finds himself staring off into nothingness though, thinking about his past. Though he's not usually one to worry, he's overly protective of anyone he cares about, including his counterpart, Cynthia. He's a recovering alcoholic, so he finds it hard to resist alcohol but he tries his best to avoid it.

If you call him Micah, his old name, he will find himself startled and zone out, and perhaps even get scared.

(There is more to his dark side, but will have to find out by RPing with him.)

Personal History:
See “Country History” first in order to understand.

Micah was born on April 24th, 2068 on Mortimer Islands. He went to school and grew up like a normal kid. He, like his counterpart, was one of the people whose parents were paid to give him up to the government at age 16. When he was given to the government, he started being tested on. It was terrible; they electrocuted him, made him drink weird concoctions, and drilled holes into his hands and neck and put in electrical ports. He was tortured for 6 months until they realised that the girl that was accepted just before him, his counterpart, was actually not growing and the weather was changing according to her mood. She was the one who became a nation representative. Seeing that Micah was the next male subject in line, they put him through the same 6 month treatment that the successful girl had gone through.

In 2100, using magic, his female counterpart travelled back in time to stop the experiments that occurred. But she fell in love with the past world and decided just to visit it often. Merik, now having to take care of her, followed after her to the past to find her.

Representative Of:
Republic of Synthea.
The ‘th’ sounds more like just a ‘t,’ so the way you would pronounce it is sin•tay•uh.

Since his counterpart, Cynthia, was turned into a man-made country, she named the nation Synthea, modelling it after the word “synthetic,” which is used to describe an imitation of a natural product.

Former Country Names:
Mortimer Island.

Day Formed:
Formed on April 8th, 2014 (4/8/14). Became independent on April 24th, 2084.

Republic; a parliamentary unitary government.

King Rory Mortimer.
He is King from 2084 until he dies in 2147.


Gerald Mortimer tried to make the island a circle, but gave up. He split it into four cities.
The red dot is where the Rorse Palace (where Rory lives) is.

North Atlantic Ocean: +47.87214, - 30.41016

4,017 square miles.


“Our courage is not fake.”

The island was created by an English trillionaire named Gerald Mortimer. He had dirt dumped out in a place in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, creating his very own island, called Mortimer Island, in 2014. He built cities on it and invited people to live there. Of course, being greedy, he wanted his island to be its own nation. He set up a government and paid people to be a part of it. He didn’t declare his nation to be independent from the UK yet. He wanted to become a nation representative himself, so he decided to set up experiments to see if he could before doing so.

He imported pregnant women around the world, paying them lots of money to have their children be born on the land. Once the children grew to age 16, he started testing them. He went through hundreds of people, trying to create nations. He switched out techniques and none of them worked. Most of the people he experimented on died by ages 20-24. The government of the UK was about to stop his experiments, but Mortimer paid them off to keep them from doing so. Upon experimenting on the 4814th person, Mortimer saw that the weather changed with her emotions and noticed that she wasn’t showing any signs of normal human growth like she should. He noticed that she became stronger and healed up quickly when wounded. He realised; he made a human turn into a nation. At this point, he was running short on money, so he stopped paying off the UK government officials in order to flee to a new island and turn himself into a representative of that island. Naturally, the government of the UK stepped in and stopped him, taking him to jail for life for murdering about 4800 people in March.

The island was passed down to his son, Rory Mortimer. Rory declared the Mortimer Islands independent from the UK on April 24th, 2084, choosing to do it on Cerys’ birthday (his counterpart) in honour of her being the nation's first representative. The UK wanted nothing to do with a murderous island. The island was renamed to Synthea upon Cerys’ request (she changed her name to Cynthia directly after). Synthea was first recognised as a nation by America. Then, other nations followed in suit.

Synthea’s national holiday is April 24th.

United Kingdom: Was once territory of the UK. No more relations past that.
Synthea trades mostly with English speaking nations.

Major Exports:
No major exports. Trades goods of all kinds.

Religious Affiliation:
No religion.

Special Abilities
Temporal Magic, a.k.a., magic that has to do with time. He has some other secret powers, too.
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I Must Find What I Lost
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