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 おこしやす、千年の都へ (Male Kyoto Application)

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Fumiaki Honda (Kyoto)

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PostSubject: おこしやす、千年の都へ (Male Kyoto Application)   Sat Mar 24, 2018 6:12 pm


(English) Fumiaki Honda
(Japanese) 本田文明 ほんだふみあき, Honda Fumiaki

Fumiaki’s given name directly translates to “civilization” or “enlightenment”, which refers to how Kyoto was the imperial capital for a larger portion of history and regarded as the centre of Japanese civilization.

Representative of:


(Human) Around his early to mid twenties.
(Historical) Earliest documentation dates back to the 6th century.

Brief personality:
A quiet, scholarly-type young man with an air of elegance and sophistication about him, Fumiaki is rather stoic and serious, but very polite and well-mannered which hints at his excellent upbringing. However, one might be surprised to find that he has very strong opinions and is occasionally prone to outbursts of incredibly blunt frankness, although this is reserved for those he knows well, especially his younger brothers; he'd never show this side of himself to someone he just met or holds in high regard.

A talented artist and musician as well as academic, Fumiaki is very creative and has a strong eagerness to learn, identifying himself as a “student of the arts”. He’s also stylish, as seen in his muted and subtle but tasteful fashion choices. It’s easy to tell that he’s a perfectionist, as he is highly attentive to detail, he always completes a task to the full extent of his ability, and although he’s not particularly vain about his appearance he would never go out to meet someone without making sure he looked decent and presentable.

However, due to his sheltered upbringing, Fumiaki is rather naive and even a little spoiled. He’s easily prone to jealousy and despite his quiet, gentle, demeanor, he’s prideful, stubborn, and believes that he is always right. He’s also highly demanding, mostly towards himself, but also towards others to a slightly lesser extent. As such, many who know him consider him obsessive.

He claims to be an extrovert and genuinely enjoys the company of others (given that they’re few in number, agreeable and “civilized”) but contradicts himself in that he doesn’t really like to talk, unless it’s one of those times he launches into a monologue. He also seems to show little interest in mundane small talk, preferring to talk about “cultured” things such as the arts, books, philosophy, culture, and films that he likes. To some, he may come off as slightly judgmental or standoffish.
When confronted with conflict or an awkward scenario, Fumiaki tends to clam up and shut himself off entirely, rather than try to solve the problem, or become flustered. He doesn’t like confrontation; in a relatively trivial situation he might try to dismiss it with a sarcastic wisecrack, but in extreme cases he will be completely unable to speak and may even attempt to flee the scene.

He’d never admit it when asked, but Fumiaki is fixated on receiving the approval of his father, Kiku. His frustration has grown over the years, since the capital was moved to Tokyo and he felt as though he had been replaced by his younger half-brother Shinichi, and no longer the favoured child of the family. Because of this, his interactions with Shinichi are rather limited and slightly passive-aggressive.
Despite being skilled in writing and the usage of language, Fumiaki is somewhat inept at expressing his innermost feelings verbally, especially when romantic feelings are involved. He’d much prefer to express himself through poetry, art, music or even through his actions, and he is in reality, a romantic. Due to his extremely high standards for choosing a partner, Fumiaki would be quite dedicated in a relationship. That being said, he likely wouldn’t initiate any sexual interaction, as a matter of respect, but if consent is given he’s surprisingly open to it isn’t easily embarrassed by those things.

As he represents the ancient capital of Japan, widely considered the centre of Japanese civilization, Fumiaki is, needless to say, very traditional and fiercely proud of his culture and heritage. Although, he also seems to have a slight interest in European culture, especially classical music and art, and gourmet cuisine.

Since childhood, Fumiaki has preferred tranquil, mostly solitary “cultured” activities such as reading, shogi (Japanese chess), painting and drawing, writing novels and poetry, and delicate handiwork such as origami and decorative crafts. He enjoys movies with a historical setting (given that they’re not outrageously inconsistent with fact) such as “The Kiyosu Conference” and “Honnouji Hotel”. He can’t stand watching horror films as they scare the living daylights out of him (especially Japanese and Korean ones, not to much the Western ones because he doesn’t quite understand them). Badly-behaved tourists distress him, as does travelling abroad to a much lesser degree, and he absolutely hates it when people don’t follow rules in public places, especially when it involves queuing and waiting.


Brief physical description:
With his pale skin, slim, elegant build and delicate facial features, Fumiaki seems reminiscent of a Heian-era prince. He’s a little babyfaced, however, and appears younger than he actually is- from certain angles. If viewed from a different angle and lighting, his face would appear much more mature, showing his true age. He has hazel eyes framed with black-rimmed glasses and soft mid neck-length black hair with bangs covering his forehead. It’s often slightly tousled-looking, but stylishly. He’s not exactly conventionally handsome, but agreed upon as very good-looking nonetheless.

Fumiaki is of an average height at 175 centimetres (approximately 5 feet 8 inches) and could be considered rather thin, given that he doesn’t have much of either muscle or fat. He also lacks an excess of body hair, what little he has of it being very fine and barely visible, mostly located on his forearms and legs. Because of this and his fine facial features, some may consider him to look rather effeminate. However, despite his overall lack of musculature, he does have a nicely well-defined abdomen, even though it’s almost completely flat.

He almost always dresses in semi-formal attire, usually a white button-down shirt with grey or black trousers, along with a pale grey-blue vest or cardigan if the weather is cool. In winter, he’ll wear a thigh-length dark grey coat and a light-coloured muffler over his clothes. Although he’s hardly ever seen in traditional dress, he does own a formal men’s kimono for important occasions such as competitive shogi matches, koto and fue performances, festivals, and tea ceremony. During the summer months, he might occasionally wear a yukata- a lighter, informal kimono-like garment made of cotton.


Brief history:
History of Kyoto:
Personal history:

Religious affiliation:

Any special powers or abilities:
Artistic, literary and musical prodigy, good memory.

Theme song:
"Orion" by Yonezu Kenshi.

Fumiaki's colour on the chatbox is #86ABA5 (水色[みずいろ] or mizuiro, meaning "water colour").
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おこしやす、千年の都へ (Male Kyoto Application)
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