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 踊れ、踊れ、咲かせよ乙女!美しく華やかに〜 (Application for female Harajuku)

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Miharu Honda (Harajuku)

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PostSubject: 踊れ、踊れ、咲かせよ乙女!美しく華やかに〜 (Application for female Harajuku)   Mon Jan 22, 2018 8:19 pm


(English)Miharu Honda
(Japanese) 本田美治 [ほんだみはる, Honda Miharu

The first character of her name, 美 (mi) means "beauty" while the second character 治 (pronounced haru in her name; irregular) roughly translates to "cure", "discipline" or "govern/rule". It also refers to 明治 (Meiji) as the Meiji shrine where former Emperor Meiji was enshrined is located in Harajuku.

Representative of:
Harajuku, Shibuya (Jingūmae 1-chōme to 4-chōme).


(Human) Around 15-17
(Historical) Recorded to have been a town since the pre-Edo period, however Harajuku station was built in 1906.

Brief personality:
Formerly a rather shy, quiet and withdrawn girl, Miharu now is seen as a sweet, cheerful girl who socialises fairly easily. It wasn't easy for her, as she had to force herself out of her shell and approach people. In the past, as a typical schoolgirl she would've tried to conform rather than stand out, but as Harajuku nowadays is considered the centre of subculture and youth fashion in Japan, once in a while she's able to freely express her sense of style and interest in a particular subculture, Lolita. Although, she still acts rather defensive and protective when questioned about this. Perhaps because of this she gets along with foreigners relatively well, as some other Japanese consider her odd.

Her appearance, style of dress and soft voice might give one the impression that she's a pure, innocent young girl, but at times her behaviour can be quite the contrary; she can be quite defensive, somewhat irritable and will at times make cruel jabs at others, particularly when she feels that she's being judged. She can get quite passive-aggressive. She's also a bit of a tease to her close friends, and in a relationship she could be regarded as a sort of "sweet but slightly sadistic girlfriend". Which is to say, she can be a wolf in sheep's clothing and is nowhere as innocent and ignorant as you may believe, judging from her appearance.

Although at times she's rather insecure and can seem prideful, petty and stubborn, she's actually a softie and quite kind at heart, even though if you hurt her, she will very readily hurt you back.
Miharu has a penchant for drawing and design, and she absolutely adores cats and cute, fluffy things.


Brief physical description:
Miharu's true age is always a bit of a mystery, if one purely judges from her appearance; petite by western standards at her height of 5'1 (or 155 centimetres), but fairly normal for a Japanese girl of her age, and as she often wears makeup it's hard to tell what she looks like naturally. She's also very stylish and has quite the taste for fashion despite her age, her style usually being very feminine, sweet and "cutesy", usually very fine with subtle details.

Miharu seems to have inherited all the good genes from both sides of her family. She has a slim build, full breasts and long, slender legs (proportionally; she is not tall). However, she's rather lacking in the rear department (having been told that she has a "bony, flat ass") and she wishes that her waist were even smaller.

Her facial features could be described as being "very Japanese", although some have suggested that she looks a little Korean. Miharu has a heart-shaped face, light, fair skin (which is considered desirable in many East-Asian countries due to pale skin being associated with nobility and high class), large, almond-shaped brown eyes with thin, arched eyebrows and a small, slightly-rounded nose. Her lips are small but plump and pink in colour. Her teeth are straight, but she has a bit of an overbite, making her face appear shorter and rounder and giving a bit of a babyfaced effect.

She wears a fairly common hairstyle; cut to shoulder-length and curled inwards and slightly-curled bangs swept to the right with two longer strands falling on either side of her eyes. Usually her hair is worn loose with a small ribbon clip behind her ear, or with two strands, one on each side braided to the back and adorned with a ribbon.

As expected, she's into Lolita fashion (one of the predominant youth fashion trends in Harajuku, and could be described as what Harajuku is most known for) but she only wears full lolita-dress on special days, normally opting for more subdued clothes, although her penchant for lolita style is still evident in her usual attire in small things such as ribbons and bows, lace, frills, pastel or monochrome colours and occasionally, thigh-high socks and almost always high-heels.
She wouldn't never home without at least a minimal amount of makeup, and although she has light skin she'll still powder her face to appear even paler. She'll also frequently be seen wearing light brown colour-contacts and false eyelashes.


Brief history:
History of Harajuku:
Personal history:

Religious affiliation:
Agnostic, but will still visit shrines during the new year as a matter of custom.

Any special powers or abilities:
Good fashion sense, and is seemingly able to always dress well without having to spend an immense amount of money (as an insider, she knows where to get nice clothes for the best price).

Theme song:
Eine Kleine, "A little" by Yonezu Kenshi, arranged by Kobasolo and covered by Harutya.

Miharu's colour on the chatbox is #FFB3A7 (退紅[あらぞめ] or arazome, meaning "washed-out crimson dye").


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踊れ、踊れ、咲かせよ乙女!美しく華やかに〜 (Application for female Harajuku)
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