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 My messages are always open

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Berwald (Papa Swe)
Berwald (Papa Swe)

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My messages are always open Empty
PostSubject: My messages are always open   My messages are always open Icon_minitimeSun Jan 14, 2018 1:57 am

Hey, I don't have the title of advisor, but I am also here. I was one of the original Head Advisors back in my day before becoming head mod, then ultimately leaving.


My name is Swe, I also go by Ryu or Chris. I am a 20 (almost 21) Year old Clerk at a Supermarket (I move between departments, but I was a Deli Supervisor for a while). I took psych and sociology classes in college as a minor, majoring in zoology/biology.
I always have my phone on me and I am always available.

Where you can contact me:

Facebook: Chris Baker (Swe)
Skype: cryptid.hunter1
Discord: RyuokoWolf#7492
Phone: 269-815-2324

What I have experience helping with:


Things I have experience helping others with:


And even if none of this issues bother you, or you feel lonely, just need to talk, don't want to be alone, or just need to hear someone else's voice. I am here. Always.

My messages are always open Bcb042i
"Everyone makes mistakes, I've had more than my share, but it's okay cause im gonna repair it...
....Take it back to the start, I've had a change of heart." -Savlonic, 'Epoch'
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My messages are always open
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