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 { 2p! Male! Granada} للي يتلسع من الشوربة ينفخ في الزبادي

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Fernando {2p! M! Granada}
Fernando {2p! M! Granada}

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PostSubject: { 2p! Male! Granada} للي يتلسع من الشوربة ينفخ في الزبادي   Fri Jan 12, 2018 5:41 am

Some music to listen to while reading to get you readers in the mood. . .

Name:  Fernando Fernández Carriedo.

True name:

Representative of: City of Granada.

Gender: Male.

Age: 21 years old of physical age. He was born around AD 711.

Brief personality: A humble and very polite young man, Fernando is an individual who appears to lack empathy and apathy. But as soon as he's spoken to, it gets quite clear that he has a tendency to take things to heart sometimes. He's prone to fall to extreme anxiety and distress, which he battles by holing himself up in his room and indulging himself in his literary work (e.g poetry, story writing, historical records). When forced into social situations, he can have the tendency to become really detached or even slightly rude. He's very protective of his personal space and sees his room as some sort of safe zone that strangers aren't allowed into. If he ever takes you to his room to snack and drink tea, it could be taken as a sign that the threshold of friendship has been passed and you have earned a rather loyal, earnest friend.

Brief physical description: Fernando appears to be an individual of mixed ethnicity. He has tanned and dark skin, but not as dark as his counterparts would've been back in the times of the Umayyad Empire. His eye colour is almost black and he has curly, fluffy brown hair that overwhelms his round face. He always straightens it. He has a very lithe body type that's not fit for fighting or doing exercise. He's exceptionally short as he stands at a height of 1,50 metres. His skin appears overall free of blemishes, but upon wearing things such as tank tops or t-shirts, a peek of his back can be seen, which is completely covered of extremely dreadful and textured scars of all types. He tends to dress pretty casually, usually wearing a white long-sleeved shirt and green cargo pants. Sometimes he has the tendency to go barefoot.

Brief history: Divided by stages, feel free to click on any for a brief walkthrough of each dominant historical period.


Nasrid dynasty—Emirate of Granada.:

Reconquista by the Christian Spanish from Muslim Moors, and the 16th century.:


Religious affiliation: Was originally Muslim, but pressured into converting to Christianity.

Any special powers or abilities: N/A.

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{ 2p! Male! Granada} للي يتلسع من الشوربة ينفخ في الزبادي
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