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 よろしく頼む。[Application for Fukuoka, COMPLETE]

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Yuichi Yoshida (Fukuoka)

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PostSubject: よろしく頼む。[Application for Fukuoka, COMPLETE]   Mon Jan 08, 2018 12:47 pm


(English) Yuichi Yoshida
(Japanese) 吉田優壱 [よしだゆういち, Yoshida Yuuichi]

His surname "Yoshida" is formed from the characters 吉 meaning "auspicious, lucky"
and 田 meaning "rice paddy" or "field", a character commonly used in Japanese family names.
In his given name "Yuuichi", the first character 優 (Yuu) meaning "excellence, grace or kindness". For the second character, instead of using 一 (meaning one) that is more commonly used in boy's names, the "ichi" uses the character 壱 which has the same meaning, but is used on formal documents for the number 1.

Representative of:
Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan.


(Human) Around 17-19.
(Historical) 129 (The modern city was formed in 1889, however it was designated by the government in 1972. The area has been populated for the larger portion of Japanese history.)

Brief personality:
As one might expect from the meaning of his name, Yuichi is a gentle, quiet boy. He's very polite and chivalrous, even if not particularly refined; after all, he's not nobility, just an ordinary city boy. On first impressions he might seem intimidating, partly due to his height and because he rarely talks or smiles in front of strangers due to to social anxiety, but if you act friendly get to know him better, he'll warm up to you fairly quickly and you'll that he really is a nice person who does talk, smile and laugh quite frequently if he's feeling comfortable.

Ambitious at heart, Yuichi is hardworking to the extent that it may seem unhealthy, often sacrificing his leisure and rest time for work and studies. Attending an elite school has also shaped his personality into a more competitive, aggressive one and he frequently compares himself to others. He's also seen to have an inferiority complex and is frequently self-deprecating. Perhaps because of this, Yuichi is quite anxiety-prone and has low stress tolerance, however this doesn't appear to affect his performance so much as he functions well under stress, instead taking its toll on his physical health.

He's an emotional person and is not afraid to cry, however he hates letting others see his weakness as he doesn't want those he cares about to worry about him, wanting to be seen as a "mature big brother-like figure" who can care for and protect others.
In a romantic relationship, Yuichi is a caring, affectionate lover who is attentive to small details and always tries to be a gentleman, constantly offering compliments, flattery and proclamations of love. Some of his best traits are his honesty and kindness; inexperienced in relationships with the opposite sex, he doesn't construct plots and schemes and if he says something, he always means it, although given his lack of experience he can be quite dense when it comes to noticing someone's feelings for him (which may be in part due to his low self-esteem) and easily becoming flustered from physical contact. He is a fast learner though, and deep down he can be quite aggressive, once he's used to it and relaxed around his partner.
His clinginess can sometimes border on possessive, and if he's not always around his partner he'll frequently want reassuring that he's still wanted and that they won't suddenly leave him. He's also quite insecure, and if he doesn't receive a response to something he said he would start worrying about whether or not he's offended his partner, or if they don't care about him.
However, he seems to be self-aware that this is not entirely normal behaviour and usually apologises if he feels that his partner may feel creeped out.

Yuichi naturally speaks a Hakata dialect (博多弁), but he covers it up and always speaks standard Tokyo-dialect Japanese. He is also capable of communicating in English, but has a thick accent.


Brief physical description:
The first thing one might notice about Yuichi is how he doesn't exactly look like a "typical" Japanese; He's quite tall, at 183 centimetres (roughly 6'0). He is, however, not at all muscular. In fact he's quite skinny as he doesn't eat or exercise much.
His skin is medium-toned, being neither tan or overly pale but somewhere in between. He has an angular chin, dark brown eyes with long lashes and a slightly prominent nose. His messy black hair is worn somewhat long, the back of it reaching mid-neck and his bangs covering his eyebrows (and his left eye as well, before he cut it because it got annoying and he couldn't see).

Yuichi doesn't seem to care much about fashion, and when he's not in school uniform he'll wear something simple but comfortable like a T-shirt or a hoodie, on rarer occasions a casual button-down shirt and seemingly always beige pants. In winter, he'll don a coat and scarf but he has a fluffy jacket from Uniqlo that he wears at home.

There is a stereotype that people from Fukuoka are attractive (thus the term 博多美人, meaning "Hakata beauty"), and despite his shy nature, Yuichi does seem to have a sort of natural charm.

Brief history:
History of Fukuoka:
Personal history:

Religious affiliation:
Not very religious but technically Shinto.

Any special powers or abilities:
In his past life as a samurai, he was reputed to be incredibly lucky; when the Mongolian Empire attempted to invade Japan via Hakata bay, they were thwarted not once, but twice by typhoons. The storm later on became known as 神風 (Kamikaze, or "Divine Wind").
Nowadays, Yuichi himself doesn't have any special abilities.

Theme song:
Hai-iro to Ao, "Grey and Blue" by Yonezu Kenshi ft. Suda Masaki.

Yuichi's colour on the chatbox is #B56C60 (水柿[みずがき] or mizugaki, meaning "water-persimmon").
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よろしく頼む。[Application for Fukuoka, COMPLETE]
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