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 θλίψις μεγάλη. [Armageddon Application]

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Lazarus A. {Armageddon}

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PostSubject: θλίψις μεγάλη. [Armageddon Application]   Wed Jan 03, 2018 5:07 am

. . .So, shall we begin?


Name: Lazarus Abbadon.

Representative of: Armageddon.

Gender: Male.

Age: Historically, he still hasn't happened. . . Yet. He looks particularly young and still hasn't reached maturity in demon years (he's in his last "teenage" years).

"Be wary of the child of the end of the days. Sweet is the beckoning of an unexpected death just like the innocence of it."

Brief personality: Lazarus, since his very childhood, had always been a very well-mannered, gentle boy. Having been hid away by his beloved mother as soon as his birth, he doesn't possess the attitude deemed fit for Abbadon royalty. He is dependant on his uncle, Malachi, his mother, Luciella, other family members and family friends/acquaintances such as the capital sins. He's mentally-wise very vulnerable and isn't yet ready to face the cruelty of the demonic society he lives in. After the death of his mother, caused by a family dispute, he acquired an almost hermit-like attitude. Often times he would isolate himself entirely and refuse to interact with others. Due to the trauma, he became exponentially bitter and distant with his family. In spite of this, he is still very polite and won't become aggressive with other representations.

He's very cultured and sophisticated, he has always been able to hold himself with a gracefulness and poise that is required of a royal. Lazarus is very sensible and intelligent, he has quite an intellectual mind but he can easily crack under pressure. The way he expresses himself is very unusually elegant with a complex use of vocabulary, which had been nurtured thanks to the days on end he would spend in his room reading.

Even if he has many cons in regards to interacting with others, he still appears to be undergoing significant changes that could flip around his personality and the way other demons see him.

Brief physical description: Being an Abbadon, his albinism is evident. His very fluffy, curly white hair is almost chin-length, which frames his face in a very delicate manner. His skin is extremely light, making him unable to look pale (mainly because it's just as pale as it gets). His fangs are slightly pointed along with his ears, which he bejewels when given the chance. He has intense, amethyst-colored eyes that have cat-like pupils. He has embellished horns with a belly dancer-ish outfit, which possesses different hues of blue. His mother's small crown is carefully placed upon his head and he always goes barefoot. His body type is very lithe and petite, to emphasise his demonic appearance he always sports a tail with metal and gem ornaments.

Lazarus' Royal Outfit:

Whenever he's not in his royal demon form, he tends to wear a pretty casual outfit such as a sweater and jeans. He makes his horns disappear but his tail still remains sometimes. He never turns into his angelic form, the concept is just so foreign to him that he doesn't make use of it.

Brief history: According to the Book of Revelation in the New Testament of the Bible, Armageddon is the prophesied location of a gathering of armies for a battle during the end times, variously interpreted as either a literal or a symbolic location. The term is also used in a generic sense to refer to any end of the world scenario.

The traditional viewpoint interprets this Bible prophecy to be symbolic of the progression of the world toward the "great day of God, the Almighty" in which the great looming mountain of God's just and holy wrath is poured out against unrepentant sinners, led by Satan, in a literal end-of-the-world final confrontation. Armageddon is the symbolic name given to this event based on scripture references regarding divine obliteration of God's enemies. The hermeneutical method supports this position by referencing Judges 4 and 5 where God miraculously destroys the enemy of His elect, Israel, at Megiddo, also called the Valley of Josaphat.

Scholars of Hell had been unable to guess whether Lazarus does represent a future physical place or a concept, shrouding his capacities and powers in mystery.

Religious affiliation: None. His only affiliation that could even be deemed religious would be towards Malachi and Luciella.

Any special powers or abilities: He is a seer able to see what the future holds. Lately, he has gotten slightly better at managing his visions, but they tend to incapacitate him the most when they are the more accurate. He seems to have a complete lack of other powers that demons have such as telekinesis, pyrokinesis, etc. He can softly float at will, though. Not only that, due to his parents, he can transform in either a demon form, or an angel form. The mixing of both can be extremely taxing on Lazarus' body and make him go into a comma-induced sleep before he could even get to trigger the transformation.
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θλίψις μεγάλη. [Armageddon Application]
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