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 Captain Ali's Ships

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Alisstor K. (Scotland)
Alisstor K. (Scotland)

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Captain Ali's Ships Empty
PostSubject: Captain Ali's Ships   Captain Ali's Ships Icon_minitimeSat Dec 30, 2017 8:20 pm

  • Alisstor K. (Scotland) x _____ (bi)
  • Alasdair K. (2pScotland) x _____ (bi, prefers women)
  • Jacques Grancourt (Paris) x _____ (bi)
  • D. Ashton (Scotland Yard) x _____ (bi)
  • Algernon (Albemarle Club) x _____ (bi)
  • Jim Moriarty ♔ Stonyhurst x Alder (Candor) x Sebastian Moran
  • Janus Jock Weathercock x Crielle ferch Fnwy
  • Suzanne L. (Normandie) x _____ (bi, prefers men)
  • Virgilio Vargas (Vatican) x _____ (??? has no idea, may be asexual)
  • Alessandro Vargas (2pVatican) x _____ (bi, prefers women)
  • Louis-René (Granville) x _____ (bi-curious, prefers women)
  • Cúchulainn ✿ Ulster x _____ (bi)
  • Jock Beltaine (The Sun) x Esmeralda Pena (DR)
  • Gwyn ap Nudd (Annwfn) x Augus Each Uisge (Unseelie Court)
  • Gerhard B. (Reichskanzlei) x _____ (he assumes straight because he doesn't want to think about it)
  • Sappho (Ancient Lesbos) x _____ (bi, prefers women)
  • Angerbodu (Viking Age) x _____ (straight)
  • Aelred (Republic of Pirates) x Peter Pan (Neverland)
  • Mincio (Mincius River) x _____ (pan)
  • Léman (Lake Geneva) x _____ (gay) (I'm still in mourning of his old relationship though)
  • Pitch Black (Fear) x Jack Frost (Winter)
  • Mordred (Freedom) x ______ (pan)
  • Theodoric (Nobility) x Ash (2p Unseelie Court)
  • Mathieu Sommet (SLG) x ______ (depends on his personality - has tones of them)
  • Juan-Baptista (Carnival) x ______ (pan)
  • Leug Aglæca (Treachery) x ______ (bi)
  • Jäger Grosvenor (Hunting) x ______ (he assumes straight)
  • Sir Gawain (Kaamelott) x ______ (he assumes straight)
  • Augus (Unseelie Court) x Gwyn ap Nudd (Annwfn)
  • Rab (Slytherin House)x Theo (Ravenclaw)
  • Иван Брагинский (Russia) x ______ (gay)

    + Characters who haven't been introduced yet :

    Sigurd Vættrson (Iceland) x ______ (?)
    Oighrig MacKay (Hebrides) x ______ (possibly someone) (straight)
    Gelwald (Nurmengard) x Azkaban
    Percival Graves (MACUSA) x Credence
    Sons of Anarchy x ______ (?, prefers women for sure)
    Uilleam (Bannockburn) x ______ (bi)
    Alegret Van Canto (Minstrels) x ______ (?)
    Duc de Condé (Versailles) x ______ (gay)
    Fiddler's Green x ______ (?)
    King Zaire (Algae Island) x ______ (?)
    Vonda (2p Venus) x _______ (bi)
    Loki (2pÁsgard) x _______ (pan)
    Rufio (2pNeverland) x ______ (doesn't know, probably bi)

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Captain Ali's Ships
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