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 Naples of the Orient

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Kichirou Itou (Nagasaki)
Kichirou Itou (Nagasaki)

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PostSubject: Naples of the Orient   Tue Dec 26, 2017 7:57 pm

City of Peace
Naples of the Orient

Kichirou Itou
伊藤吉郎 (Itō Kichirō)

Representative of:


Human: 21
Historical: Created 1571

Brief personality:
Kichirou is an intelligent young man who loves other cultures. Intrigued by how other countries work and items from there, he was always a lover of trade. He became a Christian when he was young and believed in showing kindness to other nationalities. But he was punish severely for thinking that way, and became a closet Christian, pretending to be Shinto. Not only that, but when he was young, he suffered through a huge fire that left him with a phobia of fire. He can't look at fire without feeling weak in the knees and starting to sweat. Though he got better as he got older, but when he was nuked, it brought his old fear right back, and now he avoids fire again as much as possible. He works in dealing with foreign trade, and he's a hard worker at that. When he wants something done, he'll do it himself since he doesn't trust anyone else to do it as well as he does. Though he's handsome and he knows it, he's very self conscious of all the scars he has, and doesn't like to show off his body. He's the kind of guy to laugh off any joke, but you could never tell by just looking at him. Since he has a resting bitch face, he looks grumpy as hell and scary, but he's actually kind of friendly. Loud explosion noises sometimes triggers his PTSD, so he doesn't like fireworks. He's good at hiding that, though, and he's the kind of person to bottle up all his troubles. He doesn't want to seem weak, and he doesn't want to hurt others, so he feels it's best to be silent about his internal struggles.

Brief physical description:
Kichirou has chin length black hair and green eyes, with rather pale skin to resemble the foreign influence throughout his life. He is tall at 6'3" and has a lean, toned body he gained from working so hard during WWII. Since he typically wears formal clothes and suits and has a resting bitch face, he appears to be an unfriendly, cold guy. He sometimes wears glasses since his vision is almost perfect, but he doesn't necessarily need them. He has scars all over his body, from torture, the fire, intense working, and burns from the bomb.


Brief history:
He was a port city created for the purpose of trade. Traded with the Portuguese. He was tortured for his religion in the early 1600s. He then went into isolation. In the mid 1600s, a fire occurred and destroyed a lot of his city. So he was burned. He studied Dutch shit in 1700s, coming out of isolation. Was Japan's only window to the world. Later, in the 1800s, British entered Nagasaki port to search for Dutch ships. They demanded food, fuel, and water, and the local magistrate couldn't resist them, so they committed seppuku. He had to watch his friends kill themselves. Strengthened coastal defenses. Became a heavy industry city during the Meiji period. During WWII, Nagasaki was an important industrial city, containing both plants of the Mitsubishi Steel and Arms Works, the Akunoura Engine Works, Mitsubishi Arms Plant, Mitsubishi Electric Shipyards, Mitsubishi Steel and Arms Works, Mitsubishi-Urakami Ordnance Works, several other small factories, and most of the ports storage and trans-shipment facilities, which employed about 90% of the city's labor force, and accounted for 90% of the city's industry. For 12 months prior to the nuclear attack, Nagasaki had experienced five small-scale air attacks by an aggregate of 136 U.S. planes which dropped a total of 270 tons of high explosive, 53 tons of incendiary, and 20 tons of fragmentation bombs. August 9th, 1945, he got nuked by "Fat Man". Reconstruction changed the city. The focus on redevelopment was the replacement of war industries with foreign trade, shipbuilding and fishing. New temples were built, as well as new churches owing to an increase in the presence of Christianity.

Religious affiliation:
Secretly Catholic.

Any special powers or abilities:

This character's hexcode is #336699.
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Naples of the Orient
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