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 The Gateway to the Baltic

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Ben Laurinaitis (Memel)
Ben Laurinaitis (Memel)

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The Gateway to the Baltic Empty
PostSubject: The Gateway to the Baltic   The Gateway to the Baltic Icon_minitimeFri Dec 22, 2017 4:58 pm


Name: Benjamin Paul Braginsky

Representative of: Memel

Gender: Male

Age: Human: 16 Historical: 767

Brief personality: Ben is a jolly, and carefree person a huge majority of the time. When bad things happen, he usually recovers mentally from the event very quickly. One day, he could have seen something horrible happen, the next day he could be making jokes about it with his friends. He loves feeling like he has made someone else happy, and frequently lets people 'borrow' money, despite knowing that he will never get the money back. However, some things put a damper on his positive outlook on life. One is feeling as though people don't need/want him to be at any given thing. He feels that a little more frequently than he would like, as he sees people all around him complaining about 'never getting invited to anything' and then discussing their plans with other people, while he actually never gets invited to anything at all. He has learned that he has an uncanny ability to manipulate his voice into basically any accent, and a high level of skill at improvisational comedy, which has several positive aspects, especially when you're trying to get people to want to keep you around. Anyways, he generally is nice to everyone he meets. He can be sarcastic, but genuinely can't really imagine being a jerk to someone he barely knows. He just wants to be friends with everyone, however, he has a desire to be in some sort of epic battle or last stand, or something of the sorts. He wants to be there for a speech like the one given in independence day. He has a desire to feel the euphoria of a massive crowd all putting aside their differences and coming together to cheer for something. It's hard to explain.

Brief physical description: Ben is a semi tall person, with semi-long blonde hair. He is not skinny, but is also not fat, either, and looks like he is stronger than he actually is. He has a collection of shirts that have some sort of pun, or other joke on them that can be considered to be semi-inflammatory, and wears them frequently. He generally has no fashion sense, and will just wear whatever he finds first, causing him to often times look disheveled, and oblivious. He has a pair of glasses that he wears basically at all times, and without them, he looks kinda like a lesbian.

Brief history: Memel was part of the ancient Slavic cultural group known as Aestii for a very long time, probably about 2000 years. However, over time, may German peoples began to spread their language and culture throughout Europe, including the Slavic areas. Early on, Memel became part of the Germanic theocracy known as the Teutonic Knights, which later became the nation of Prussia. In 1250, Memel became a part of the Holy Roman Empire as a city state under the supervision of Prussia. It stayed under control of Prussia for a long while, being only taken away for brief periods of time, mainly by the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, but also on occasion by Sweden, and Russia. However, when Prussia United the German states after the retreat of Napoleon, Memel was part of the new, strong nation. The region stayed under the jurisdiction of Germany until the end of world war 1, and the signing of the treaty of Versailles. The Versailles treaty established several new states out of former German and Russian lands, as well as destroying the multinational empire, Austria-Hungary. The Baltic states were created on the coast of the Baltic sea, and Poland was formed. The new Polish nation needed a usable port, however, so Versailles split Germany into 2 pieces, giving Poland the historically German city of Danzig. Memel, having been under the leadership of the polish-Lithuanian commonwealth for a time, was ceded to the new Lithuanian Nation. In the 1930's, Adolf Hitler seized power in Germany, and went about restoring Germany to its pre-world war 1 boundaries. He then expanded this to include any lands that had a German minority, and eventually any lands that had ever once been part of the Holy Roman Empire, or any other German state. So, to the surprise of nobody, in 1938, Germany demanded the return of Memel from the Lithuanian Republic. The much smaller, and less powerful nation complied, in hopes of maintaining their independence, only to be annexed a few months later by the Soviet Union. After the war, Germany had to pay for it's aggressive deeds. the nation was split among 2 ideologies, and basically all of the lands that weren't core territories of Germany were given to other nations. Poland, for example, took huge amounts of formerly German lands. The Soviet Union maintained control over the Baltic states, but also took the German city of Konigsberg, and Memel. When the soviet union collapsed in 1991, Russia maintained control over the city of Konigsberg, but Lithuania was granted Memel. There is a territorial dispute over this, still today, and it has the potential to cause severe strain on the relations between the two nations in the future.

Religious affiliation: Catholic/agnostic

Any special powers or abilities: can do basically any voice.

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The Gateway to the Baltic
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