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 I fix people when I can't fix myself

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Carolyn (Hollywoo)

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PostSubject: I fix people when I can't fix myself   Fri Dec 22, 2017 11:27 am

Name: P. Carolyn

Representative of: Hollywoo

Gender: Female

Age: 34, 108~

Brief personality:
Princess Carolyn takes pride in her work and loves her career as a talent agent despite its frustrations. She claims to separate her personal life from her professional life, but she is shown to have at least a little difficulty in doing so when she tries to pep talk herself into staying career motivated after BoJack breaks up with her because his constant intrusion into her work and personal lives makes it difficult for her to separate the two from each other.

Princess Carolyn shows a pretty no-nonsense attitude towards BoJack and does not put up with his crap and often calls him out on his mistakes, seeing as the two of them seem to share a long history and have known each other a good while (romantically and professionally both). As a result of their long history, she can also see the good qualities in BoJack such as his love of art and his potential to be a decent person if he puts his mind to it.

Brief physical description:
Princess Carolyn has pink fur, with a curl of pink hair on her head. She has green eyes and long black whiskers. She also has what appear to be bags under her eyes.

She wears a knee-length teal green dress with a yellow fish pattern on it and a grey belt around the waist, with a yellow sweater, a yellow necklace with a yellow pendant with a red dot in the middle, and red high heels. She is 5’0 in tall heels.

Brief history:
Hollywoo is the area of Los Angeles where BoJack Horseman, Mr. Peanutbutter, and others live and the main setting in BoJack Horseman.

The name is a recurring gag in the series where everyone says Hollywoo instead of Hollywood after the events of Our A-Story is a "D" Story. It is based on the real-life Hollywood area. It has full emergency services coverage and its own fire department detachment. The LAPD 12th Precinct is located here.

The gag references the actual "HOLLYWOOD" sign, which originally read "HOLLYWOODLAND" (the name of a housing development it advertized) before "LAND" was removed by the city of Los Angeles. It was called Hollywood for the first six episodes, before the previously mentioned events of Our A-Story is a "D" Story.

Religious affiliation: n/a

Any special powers or abilities: None
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I fix people when I can't fix myself
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