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 Contacts?? Contacts.

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(Viking)Niels Thomsen

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Join date : 2015-09-02
Location : a village

PostSubject: Contacts?? Contacts.    Wed Dec 20, 2017 12:39 pm

Since the site is revamped. I guess. It seems.

How’bout we get caught up w each other again. And that way we can have contact Off the site.

Bc not everyone has everyone all the things like Skype or discord.

So here’s me :v

Xbox One (HMU if you wanna play OVW I main Bastion): Werewolf Snacks
Skype (pls let me know who’s who lmao bc this is a new one): Werewolf Snacks
Discord (same as Skype, lemme know): MON$TER (ID #) #5743
Instagram: Werewolf_Snacks
Tumblr (WARNING!! Does contain some 18+ type content. Some of which can be bloody or shocking. And tagging is like zero to none. If you follow me and want tags. Message me lmao): Werewolf.Snacks

That’s what I got. But like if you’re in the US and we’re already pretty chill. Like pm me ya digits and I’ll pm you mine.
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Berwald (Papa Swe)

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Location : Gamla Stan

PostSubject: Re: Contacts?? Contacts.    Wed Dec 20, 2017 9:43 pm


Heres my stuff

Discord: RyuokoWolf#7492
DeviantART: RyuokoWolf
FurAffinity: RyuokoWolf
Facebook: Chris Baker (Swe)
Playstation Network: sadieECHIDNA (for overwatch)
Tumblr: RyuokoWolf
PokeFarmQ: RyuokoWolf

If you add me just send a message of who you are


"Everyone makes mistakes, I've had more than my share, but it's okay cause im gonna repair it...
....Take it back to the start, I've had a change of heart." -Savlonic, 'Epoch'
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Contacts?? Contacts.
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