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 100% German Power

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Lutz Weilschmidt
Lutz Weilschmidt

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100% German Power Empty
PostSubject: 100% German Power   100% German Power Icon_minitimeTue Dec 05, 2017 12:52 am

Name: Lutz Weilshmidt

Representative of: 2p Germany

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Brief personality: Unlike his appearance, Germany's personality varies, and most is up to interpretation to the fandom. He has delinquent behaviour, and can be sloppy. He lacks the soldier attitude of his counterpart, and generally goes with the flow. He can be arrogant and boastful, but also he can be very loyal, much like his counterpart. He has no issue when dealing with the opposite sex, and can be portrayed as a pervert. He is very strong and if he's not being lazy he enjoys bending/breaking rules. He enjoys gaming, food, and alcohol.

Brief physical description: He is shown to be physically similar to his counterpart with a muscular physique. He has several scars; one beneath his left eye which extends across the cheek, and three down his right forearm. His eyes are a light pinkish purple, with dark lines beneath (often considered to be from a smoking habit). He wears a khaki jacket, often hanging from his shoulders and a black German WW2 field cap. His tank top is loose, and his uniform trousers are black. Like his counterpart, he also wears the Iron Cross. However, there are occasional changes from the canon design, as such he can be seen with tattoos and even with messy hair. It is thought that all of his scars were given to him by 2p! Italy, though this has not yet been proven by Himaruya himself.

Brief history: In World War I (1914–18), Germany’s aims were annexationist in nature and foresaw an enlarged Germany, with Belgium and Poland as vassal states and with colonies in Africa. However, Germany’s military strategy, involving a two-front war in France and Belgium in the west and Russia in the east, ultimately failed. Germany’s defeat in 1918 meant the end of the German Empire. The Treaty of Versailles, the peace settlement negotiated by the victors (Britain, France, and the United States) in 1919, imposed punitive conditions on Germany, including the loss of territory, financial reparations, and a diminished military. These conditions set the stage for World War II.
A republic, the Weimar Republic (1919–33), was established with a constitution that provided for a parliamentary democracy in which the government was ultimately responsible to the people. The new republic's first president and prime minister were convinced democrats, and Germany seemed ready at last to join the community of democratic nations. But the Weimar Republic ultimately disappointed those who had hoped it would introduce democracy to Germany. By mid-1933 it had been destroyed by Adolf Hitler, its declared enemy since his first days in the public arena. Hitler was a psychopath who sensed and exploited the worries and resentments of many Germans, knew when to act, and possessed a sure instinct for power. His greatest weapon in his quest for political power, however, was the disdain many Germans felt for the new republic. Many Germans held the Weimar Republic responsible for Germany's defeat in World War I. At the war's end, no foreign troops stood on German soil, and military victory still seemed likely. Instead of victory, however, in the view of many, the republic's Socialist politicians arranged a humiliating peace. Many Germans also were affronted by the spectacle of parliamentary politics. The republic's numerous small parties made forming stable and coherent coalition governments very difficult. Frequent elections failed to yield effective governments. Government policies also often failed to solve pressing social and economic problems.

Religious affiliation (if any): Germany is Christian but Lutz is Agnostic

Any special powers or abilities (if any): nope
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100% German Power
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