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Honda Kiku(日本国)
Honda Kiku(日本国)

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PostSubject: 初めまして。僕は、日本国の代表者本田菊でございます。よろしくお願いいたします!   Fri Nov 03, 2017 1:17 am


(Honda Kiku, or in Western format, Kiku Honda)
His given name comes from the Japanese word for chrysanthemum, 菊, and his surname 本田 is a fairly common name in Japan. The 本 is an allusion to the name of his country, 日本.

Representative of:
(Japan or "nihon", formally "State of Japan" or "nihonkoku".)


The creator of the hetalia series Himaruya Hidekazu has stated Japan's age to be a "secret", but it's estimated that he is approximately 2,670 years old. However, he appears quite young.

Brief personality:
Kiku is depicted as shy, quiet, and diligent- the image many people have of a typical Japanese. This is because firstly, he was a hikikomori (shut-in) for centuries and doesn't know much about the outside world. He often has difficulty expressing himself, and as such prefers to keep his mouth shut. He seems to care deeply for how others see him, and to him, offending someone would be a disaster, as seen in his tendency to apologise profusely. As such, he's very considerate, disliking causing inconvenience to others, and would be seen as caring and hospitable.
He's also extremely meticulous, to the extent that it could be considered compulsive, has an obsessive love of cleanliness and an incredible attention to detail. In fact, he tends to focus on the small things way too much and as a result, he's quite anxiety-prone. His stress tolerance is not particularly high. Not wanting it to get in the way of his work or being trouble to others, Kiku tends to bottle in his stress and, he claims, relieve it by sleeping. Others have remarked that the suppressed pressure tends to surface in his odd behaviour quirks. Despite this, he has a remarkable ability to remain calm and keep a cool head in bad situations.
However, he's never seen to get angry, even though it's been stated that he can be "very, very scary" when he's really angry. Kiku finds it difficult to get angry, and at most he's only able to summon "an unpleasant feeling". As such, he's rather docile by nature.

Despite his youthful appearance, Kiku behaves like an old man. He suffers from insomnia, usually waking up at odd hours as early as 4 a.m. in the morning. Unable to go back to sleep once he's waken up, he kills time wandering his neighborhood. He also frequently complains of hip pain.

Interests, likes and dislikes
Similar to China, Kiku is very fond of food and is vey proud of his country's cuisine. It's speculated that he's an excellent cook himself.
He also adores animals and has a great weakness for anything cute, soft and fluffy. Kiku owns a dog named Pochi, who is possibly an Akita or Shiba inu, as well as a rabbit and guinea pig but actually, he's a cat person and likes to look after stray cats near his home.
Aside from cooking, he enjoys cleaning, gardening (especially tending to bonsai trees), going for walks, drawing manga, tending to Pochi's fur, making soba, playing videogames and reading Shounen Jump- he's really a big otaku. He's even stated that he prefers 2D girls over 3D.

His greatest fear is cockroaches. He hates them to the extent that he'd cry upon seeing one. He also seems to have an aversion to physical or intimate contact, nudity, and anything sexual, as he tends to become embarrassed or flustered easily. His views are also quite old fashioned and traditional, as seen when Italy kissed him, Kiku demanded that he take responsibility.
However, he has erotic woodcuts in his possession which he attempts to hide in his non-erotic books.

*taken from the Hetalia wiki page

*His birthday (February 11th) corresponds to the date of National Foundation Day in Japan, which celebrates the foundation of Japan in 660 BC by Emperor Jimmu.

*Although being younger than China, Japan has expressed his old age on more than one occasion. In Salted Salmon, Germany and I, Japan explains how he no longer enjoys his birthday, suffers from high blood pressure which causes him to wake up early and wander his neighborhood, and has hip pains.

*In one published strip it is shown he sees the world as an RPG, another hint at his otaku nature.

*According to Himaruya, Japan would most likely have the blood type A (due to it being a common blood type in Japan).

*Japan was corrected from childhood to be ambidextrous, making it likely that he was born left-handed.

*In the Christmas 2011 event, Japan was stated to be able to imitate voices, specifically Italy's, with terrifying accuracy.

My headcanons-
* He tends to use an overabundance of kaomoji when texting.

* Can hold a seiza position for upwards of five hours, thanks to (literally) a thousand years of practice.

* Sometimes de-stresses with solitary karaoke (he can't sing when people are around him due to shyness)

* Dislikes spicy food.
(more coming soon...)

Brief physical description:
Kiku can be described as "petite"; at 165 centimetres, his height is considered "short" even in his own country (the average for Japanese males being 170 cm) and has a rather slim build, lacking excess fat or muscle (when shirtless, he can be described as "bony" due to the fact that his ribs will probably show) although he once had considerable arm strength from military training, and his face seems to have a slightly rounded, youthful look to it. He has the typical features of most Japanese; fair, smooth skin, very dark hair (varying from blue-black to brown-black), a small nose (in comparison to foreigners) and dark brown eyes, which have been observed to look "flat" and "soulless" and when asked about it, he'll state that it's because he's always fatigued. His haircut is seem to slightly resemble a hime hairstyle, with evenly-cut bangs reaching his eyebrows and two longer strands on the side, framing his face.
Generally, Kiku would be considered "fairly good-looking" and "cute".

He's usually seen wearing a white naval uniform with gold accents or occasionally a more ornate one with gold epaulets and frog clasps down the front of the jacket. In the past, or even in some formal occasions in modern-day, he would be carrying a katana (a functional one in the past, nowadays just an ornamental one). However, when wearing his casual civilian clothes Kiku tends to dress simply, usually consisting of a white button-down shirt or even a plain T-shirt, trousers, a cardigan, and a coat if the weather's cold.
On some rare occasions, he would wear traditional attire such as a kimono or hakama.
He seems to dislike wearing shorts unless he's going for a swim or to the beach.
On excessively sunny days he may even carry an umbrella, a common practice in Japan and other parts of East Asia, much to the amusement of foreigners.


Brief history:
I will try to make it "brief" :

Religious affiliation:

Any special powers or abilities:
None. He used to be able to see his country's mythical creatures but not anymore.
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