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 Hola! I'm Kayla Catalina Gomez! Pleasure to meet you!

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PostSubject: Hola! I'm Kayla Catalina Gomez! Pleasure to meet you!   Sun Sep 24, 2017 10:46 pm


  • Kayla Catalina Gomez

Representative of

  • Colombia


  • Cisgender Female

Human Age

  • Twenty Three

Historical Age

  • Two Hundred-Seven (As a country, not as a colony)

Brief personality

  • Colombia has been shown to be a mature nation who can be known as the overprotective sibling of South America. Being very manipulative and having a short temper, it is best to keep a distance when she is in a foul mood. Known to be over stressed and sometimes overworking herself to the point that she doesn't sleep at times, but no matter what, she makes it her goal to watch her novellas every night. She is steadfast, strong spirited, and extremely rebellious. There is no doubt that she was one of Spain's colonies, for she has both of his personalities of the conquistador and Sunshine.

Brief physical description

  • Kayla has been shown to have long brown curly locks the same color as coffee, bright golden eyes, and a sunkissed complexion. She normally wearing a white ruffled shirt, with a redish-pink skirt with the three colors of her flag in strips at the bottom. She keeps her forehead covered up most of the time with a red ribbon that was given to her by her Aunt Mayan Empire, but has been shown to change it to a green or blue ribbon based on her mood, and a bandanna when cooking. The reason for her covering up her forehead is because she had been shown to have scars there from when she was burnt at the stake for talking to Madremonte. When she puts up her hair, two very distinctive curls can be seen curling upwards in the back of her neck. It is speculated that these curls represent two islands that are currently in her possession, but that she fights over with her half-sister, Nicaragua. These have been shown to act a lot like the Italian's and Norway's curls. She also carries a sword that was given to her by the Magic Trio when she ended her apprenticeship of magic under them.

Brief history

  • Struggling a lot with Spain and his rule, she was one of the very first colonies to rebel against him. However, France had soon overthrown Spain, leaving the colonies under the control of Francis. Nonetheless,
    Colombia ended up freeing herself from France's rule as well. Spain tried to regain control of his colonies, but they declared their independence and became their own nations, even though Colombia hated Spain for doing this  to her over more than 20 years, later on after her independence Colombia decided to forgive Spain and until now their relationship is nice.

Religious affiliation

  • Catholicism/Catholic

Any special powers or abilities

  • While her magical ability itself is not that strong, she can easily sprites, fairies, and spirits. She assumes this is because of her sensitive spiritual abilities.
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Hola! I'm Kayla Catalina Gomez! Pleasure to meet you!
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