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 Howdy there!

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Kayla Wooderson Bedias TX

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PostSubject: Howdy there!   Sat Aug 05, 2017 2:44 am

Name: Kayla Wooderson

Representative of: Bedias Texas

Gender: Female

Age: Human:19ish. Historical:182
(human and historical)

Brief personality: She's usually polite and sweet to people she doesn't know, a bit rowdy around close friends and cold to people she doesn't like. She knows the value of manners, not only when being nice, but also when she needs to vocally deffend herself or her people. However, she can be rather rude when on her period, and snappsh too. She loves watching movies and tv shows, some of her favorite movies being The Magnificent Seven; Pride and Prejudice and Zombies; and Letters to Juliet. She is a very hard worker, although she does have the bad habit of working herself too hard, which  her brother has scolded her forin the past.
(at least 5 sentences)

Brief physical description: She is about 6 foot tall, and weighs 114 pounds. Her skin is tanned from working in the sun. Her hair is dirty blond and usually in a ponytail or braid, while her eyes are sky blue. However, they can go darker when she is angry. When she is exceptionally happy, you can see little stars in her eyes.  She has scars on her arms and shoulders from her early years, and doesn't like talking about them. She often wears a t shirt, blue jeans, and boots.
(at least 5 sentences)

Brief history: She was born in 1835, in the middle of wooded East Texas. She grew quickly, and learned how to use both a gun and knife to defend herself. In those times after all, if just one family went out to gather firewood, they were never seen again. Nowadays, she tends to stay at home, wary of the outside world. She does, however, sometimes visits her brother, Huntsville.
(at least 5 sentences)

Religious affiliation: N\A

Any special powers or abilities: Quick healing, considerable strength. She can tell if someone is a personafactation or not, or when one crosses her town's borders. She is also good with animals.
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Howdy there!
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