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 The Greatest and the Most Awesome of all Applications you will ever see!

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PostSubject: The Greatest and the Most Awesome of all Applications you will ever see!   Tue Jul 25, 2017 7:11 pm

Base Info
Quote :
Name: Gilbert Beilschmidt
Representative of: Königreich Preußen (Kingdom of Prussia)
Gender: Male ♂
Age: [ Human : 20 | Country: 316 ]
Religious Affiliation: Strictly Protestant

Brief Personality:
Quote :
Gilbert is a loud and rather ego-driven prankster, usually described to be obnoxious and loud, at times unbearable to be around. His hooligan personality is quite well recognized within Europe, trusting very few people just as much as no one is willing to trust him in return. In his eyes he is the king and the world is his playground, despite his rather apparent disadvantage to all the giants surrounding him. His loud and obnoxious persona can be attributed to the years of loneliness and aggression aimed towards him, being a militaristic state far too vocal and too proud for his own good. However, deep down, he is a punctual and diligent soldier and Ludwig's severe, methodical, serious big brother, though his bad manners mask it.

Despite this, Gilbert is quite a friendly and warmth-seeking person but due to his over-exaggerated persona and constant demands of recognition he had brought himself quite a bad reputation around Europe- especially with his neighbors- Poland, Austria and Hungary whom he had never been able to get along with both due to his mistrust and tense relations. Despite this, his strong belief and determination kept him driven no matter what, even later in life coming to realize his atrocities and begging God for forgiveness for the crimes he had committed in the past.

In the end, Gilbert is a hard worker and despite his rather rash, quick to act personality there is a good, kind soul underneath the mask of brashness and power. Despite his struggles to achieve power, it is mostly an excuse as he wishes for nothing more than have everyone recognize and respect him for what he is.

Brief Physical Description:
Quote :
In the eye of the beholder Gilbert is a short albino man of medium stature, his muscles mostly hidden away behind his rather underdeveloped and somewhat malnourished body (This is a result of what seems to be the poor living conditions he had to stand whilst growing up. The lifelong wars that plagued his land have left scars both physically and mentally.) His hair is usually rather messy, naturally forming to be short with asymmetric bangs. His natural hair color being very light platinum, almost white with hints of gray within it, much resembling the Teutonic order's cloak.

In stature, Prussia is shown (As mentioned before.) to be quite malnourished and underdeveloped and despite his fit form it does not show to the same extent as it does to his more younger brother, Ludwig where despite his age- Gilbert is shown to be shorter by an inch. His usual attire consists of a deep, navy blue Military Uniform akin to a Luftwaffen Fliegerbluse with an Iron Cross on his tie.

Brief history:
Quote :
From the humble beginnings as the Teutonic Order, Prussia had a life long history of war and desire to conquer all these that lied around him. Ambitions which were quite quickly squished by the great empires around him, from being conquered and made into a Dutchy by Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth into the subject to the Holy Roman Empire.

Prussia's history is that of blood and war, constant conquests and battles with these whom laid around him seemed to be nothing short of ambitious at times. Clashing blades with Austria, Hungary, Poland and even Russia multiple times over the ages. He had countless names trough out History but in the end, it was the 'Königreich Preußen' that truly defined what he was.

After the Fall of the Holy Roman Empire, Gilbert was quick to assemble his forces and unite the Germanic's,
fighting off the Austrian aggression and helping his younger brother- Ludwig grow to be a strong empire.
Eventually handing over his lands and legacy to him to take charge.

Any special powers or abilities:
Quote :
Being a mostly dead nation with very little holding him back in the current world and affairs, Prussia had lost many abilities of other countries. Such as Fast Healing, his wounds healing only slightly faster than that of a human being. By proxy, he has been more or less rendered mortal. His will and desire to stay behind to watch things unfold being one of few things still holding him back to this day.

Outside of that, Prussia is in a great physical condition. Being a militaristic state there are very few whom could match his eagerness and experience in battle, with only Poland (Whom he is more or less an equal match against) and France (Whom he had beaten just as many times as got beaten up by) being his equal match. Whilst there are clearly many other, stronger countries than him when it comes to sheer military and battle experience / expertise, there are very few who dare compare to his sheer determination and desire. To put it simply, he was born to fight and he embraces it wholeheartedly.
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The Greatest and the Most Awesome of all Applications you will ever see!
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