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 I'd rather be on the sea (Norway application. Still working on it)

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Lukas Bondevik

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PostSubject: I'd rather be on the sea (Norway application. Still working on it)   Wed Jul 05, 2017 1:42 am

Name: Lukas Bondevik

Representative of: Kingdom of Norway

Gender: Male

Age: Norway was founded in 872 AD, though the character’s physical appearance seems to be around 20 years of age.

Brief personality: Norway has been described as a quiet, mysterious character who is curious, yet at the same time, difficult to read (and in the words of Mr. Puffin, a “snarky-guy”). He rarely shows his emotions on his face. He is generally reclusive and introverted, to the point of painfully shy, and would leave upon seeing strangers if given the choice. He is very hard working, and intelligent, allowing him to be quite skilled at the game chess. He is also a skilled baker. It is shown that he likes fish, specifically mackerel, as he and Iceland have been seen fighting over them. Norway has also been shown whining to Germany and Japan to recruit sympathy at the expense of Denmark. He is also a bit protective over his butter, as he is on the Atkins diet, which promotes high fat intake and low carbohydrate intake. This caused a butter shortage in his country, known as the Norwegian Butter Crisis, which began in 2011. This caused the prices of butter to soar to record heights, making butter extremely valuable in Norway. It is also noted that he is a bit sensitive about his weight.

Brief physical description: Norway has short, platinum blonde hair with a detached hair curl, pale white skin, and dull blue/violet eyes. He is thin, but not underweight. His attire consists of a belted, navy blue sailor top with a lighter blue collar, tie, and cuffs. He has a matching hat, and trousers to go with it. He is often depicted wearing black gloves and boots as well. He is always shown with a gold/silver Nordic cross barrette in his hair, which functions as a means of communication. He has never been given specific numbers to his height, though, out of all of the Nordics, he is the third tallest.

Brief history: People began settling in Norway around 9000 BC. This was after the end of the first ice age, making the land barely habitable to humans. Settlers survived by hunting various wildlife, such as seals, deer, elk, and whales. The Norwegians started farming around 500 BC during the bronze age.
The famous Viking Age was from 800 AD to 1050 AD. During this time, the Vikings raided many places, including France and the British Isles. They traveled by the sea in fast ships that they designed and created. The Vikings had many talents, including craftsmanship, administrating, and trading. They created lovely jewelry, which can still be found today. Even with all of these various abilities, they were most famous for fighting. The Vikings founded several different cities, including Normandy and Dublin, though this came to an end when Harald Haradrada tried to conquer England in 1,066 AD. During the Viking age, the Vikings learned Christianity from the British.
Around the time of the 12th century, Norway started building churches, many of which were made of wood, instead of the traditional European stone churches. The oldest known church in Norway, the Urnes Stave Chruch, was built back in 1150.
In 1814, Norway’s dependency under Denmark ended, entering a new union with Sweden. Norway gained full independence in 1905, when Haakon VII was crowned King of Norway. Shortly after, women were given the right to vote in local elections in 1907, and national elections in 1913.
In 2011, the Norwegian Butter Crisis began, as heavy rains affected the cows, reducing mild production by about 20,000,000 liters, while at the same time, demand increased rapidly. Prices rose to as much as NOK 300 for 250 g. The Norwegian Butter Crisis is still going on today, though not as bad as it was in previous years.

Religious affiliation: Most of the religion in the kingdom of Norway is Evangelical Lutheran Christianity, with 72% of the population officially belonging to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Norway. However, there has been a decline in religion in Norway, most citizens claiming to be irreligious.

Any special powers or abilities: Norway has been shown to possess magical abilities, being capable of seeing supernatural creatures.
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I'd rather be on the sea (Norway application. Still working on it)
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