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 Good day..!

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Vinnie (Victoria)

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PostSubject: Good day..!   Sat May 27, 2017 9:55 pm

Name: Vinnie

Representative of: Victoria, Australian state.

Gender: Male

Age: Human | 16, Historical | 166

Brief personality: Mostly relaxed, chill. He's very sentimental and can be emotionally attached to anyone he talks to. A bit of a crybaby, but he always claims that he just has a weaker lacrimal gland compared to everyone else, that's all(he's just a crybaby). And because he's weak hearted, he can be a bit of a pushover in many circumstances. He's very weak to pleads and people asking for help. Basically one of the most pureminded Australians you'll meet. He aspires to be like Australia because he's smaller in physique and gets scared easily.

Brief physical description: 158cm(about 5.2 ft) tall(haha shorty), has a light brown hair that's combed to the side with a cowlick, and has an odd eye of green left eye and blue right eye. To explain his hair colour further, it's about midway from being blonde and brunette. He always argues that his hair's gonna get darker, and it's just light because he's young. He wears a simple white shirt with a grey vest, a green necktie to go along. He wears matching grey shorts with black suspenders, and has black school shoes on along with white socks. The socks and the tie sometimes change colour, though.

Brief history: The state of Victoria was originally home to many indigenous nations that had occupied the land for tens of thousands of years. Early European exploration occurred during the years 1770 to 1803. British settlement began in the 1803. Victoria's first successful British settlement was at Portland, on the west coast of what is now Victoria. Portland was settled on 19 November 1834. Agitation of Port Phillip settlers led to the establishment of Port Phillip District as a separate colony on 1 July 1851. The British Act of Parliament separating Port Phillip District from New South Wales, and naming the new colony "Victoria" (after Queen Victoria) was signed by Queen Victoria on 5 August 1850. Enabling legislation was passed by the New South Wales Legislative Council on 1 July 1851. This was formally the founding moment of the Colony of Victoria. (source: Wikipedia - History of Victoria(it says new members are not allowed to post external links so I'll just quote it like this 8ㅁ8)

Religious affiliation: N/A

Any special powers or abilities: N/A
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Good day..!
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