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 Thermonuclear Annihilation- North Korea App

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North Korea

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PostSubject: Thermonuclear Annihilation- North Korea App   Sun May 14, 2017 3:18 pm

Name: Im Hyung Soo

Representative of: Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea)

Gender: Male

Historically 72, human 15

Brief personality:
North Korea is a collected and strict country, with a rather timid personality. When he was young, he was very close with his younger twin the South. Originally very kind and loving, with a love of music, basketball, and movies, despite his aforementioned strictness. Over the years, his personality has become much more volatile and unpredictable, he consistently lies and harbors a particularly vicious grudge over many other countries. His anger is particularly directed towards the U.S and Japan, whom he blames for corrupting his beloved younger sibling. He has few to no friends, and is considered a bit of a recluse, his last real positive relationship is that of his Communist brother China, yet even that could arguably be considered shaky at best.

Brief physical description:
The North of the two Korea siblings is compared to look very much identical to his twin the South with a handful of differences between the two. His young age of fifteen shows in both his face, and his short stature. A long braided strand of black meanders down from a similarly dark, black, disheveled mop of a hairstyle, made purposefully reminiscent of his Communist brother, China. Despite his desperate attempts at deceit, Hyung Soo's malnutrition clearly shows, when confronted about his "starvation", he will deny such heinous accusations, and denounce the country making such an unwarranted claim, as a slanderous imperialist mutt who deserves nothing more than to be wiped off the face of the earth. He is seen consistently in a dark green military uniform, with red and gold patches, buttons, and pins.  

Brief history:
In 1945, the defeat of Japan meant the liberation of the Korean twins. They were split almost immediately by Russia and the United States, the North becoming a Communist State under the rule of Man of the People and Glorious Sun of All Communism and Communist things, Supreme Leader Kim Il Sung, while the South became a despicable and decadent democratic nation. The North didn't take too kindly to the lost of his beloved sibling, and was therefore coerced, by his oh so very wise and precious dear leader to reunite with the south. Thus began the North's surprise invasion in 1950. It didn't take long for America to stick their nose where it didn't belong, and just as Hyung and Yong were to be reunited once more, America (and allies) came ruined everything! He received a swift beating for his "aggressions", and forced into China's arms for aid. Upon China entering the war, it was turned into a stalemate and ultimately the end with no clear winner.

Upon the end of the war, the North was furious. A rather vicious and ruthless vendetta was formed against the imperialist pig, America. How dare he?! What gave him the right to interfere in Korean affairs?! He would pay dearly for this travesty! Thusly, in retaliation, entirely for defensive purposes of coarse... The North was, yet again, coerced by Eternal General Secretary and Loving Father of all Caring and Kindness towards the People, Wise and charitable Leader Kim Il Sung, into pursuing a goal of gaining the awe inspiring nuclear arms of a handful of the other nations. Again, entirely for the protection and well being of the people.

Despite the unjust and unfair actions by the war mongering America and company hypocrites, the North got very far into his nuclear weapons. Then, tragedy struck, the wise, just and awe-inspiring Eternal General Secretary passed.... Many tears were shed for weeks, next came  Superior Person and Snappy Dresser, Respected Leader Kim Jong Il. His care over the North, marked a much more vicious and aggressive Hyung. Harboring a deep hatred and feeling of betrayal towards his younger sibling and a particularly ruthless rage towards Japan, as well as an inability to properly take care of himself. Slowly beginning to become malnourished and unhinged.

Upon most wise and charitable leader, Kim Jong Il's passing, many tears were shed yet again... Then came the current Supreme Leader, Kim Jong Un.... This marked a much more volatile North, consistently threatening all his enemies and even his only ally China at times. His relationship with China has in fact, deteriorated, leaving him now with no friends. Only his lies, malnourishment, and anger.

Religious affiliation: Buddhism (and mandated worship of supreme leader!)

Any special powers or abilities:
-Claims that him and his Supreme Leader of All Glory and Beauty reigning over a land of sunshine, have the ability to change the weather depending on their moods-

State administered facts provided to you by the glorious nation of true Korea. You are all required to know these facts for the honor and respect towards supreme leader. Failure to acknowledge these facts as in fact, factual may result in detainment:
-North Korea invented the hamburger
-The Internet is outlawed in North Korea in order to protect the honor of the Imperialist mutt, America
-North Korea is better than you at basketball
-North Korea's movie, made by himself with absolutely no help from anybody, has hit critical acclaim in every. Single. Country
-North Korea has discovered the unicorn
-North Korea is the richest and most prosperous nation of all time, and most definitely is not starving
-North Korea is loved by all other nations and has been deemed the most popular nation of all times
-North Korea is better looking than you
-North Korea has cured shortness
-North Korea invented McDonalds
-Everyone in North Korea is happy, anyone who says otherwise is a lier and a most decadent cheat, and shall be detained by the state immediately
-America is afraid of North Korea
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Thermonuclear Annihilation- North Korea App
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