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 I am the deringest Devil you'll ever meet love

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PostSubject: I am the deringest Devil you'll ever meet love   Mon May 08, 2017 7:17 pm

Name: Aleister Crowley
Representative of: Samhain
Gender: Male
Age: His age as a crossroads demon as well as the representation of Samhain is unknown but by human years he would be around

Brief personality:  Crowley is suave, but he loves to use insults, sass and banter. He is an efficient business man and while he prides himself on integrity, he will use any loopholes given to him to turn the situation to his benefit. His main goal is self-preservation and he is willing to sacrafice anything for it. One of the many reasons that he may lose his temper is exactly when his personal safety is being threatened  or when dealing with what he considers overwhelming stupidity. Crowley  is cunning, devious, and highly skilled at manipulating others. Despite his arrogance, he does not dismiss possible threats. He is also extremely skilled at drawing up contracts and creating hidden agendas to trick his enemies.  

Brief physical description: Upon his death and transformation into a demon, Crowley's true form became red smoke, a unique color unseen by any other demon. Whenever he takes a vessel, his true eyes are red. However as he developed as a crossroads demon he developed a unique demonic form and now he only usest he red smoke form as a form of transportation from one vessel to another.
Demon Trueform:

His primary vessel is that of a man of average height, slightly round with dark hair and light skin. He has a beard that he keeps neatly trimmed. Crowley prefers to wear expensive, dry-cleaned suits of dark colors.
Brief history:
History of Samhain:

Religious affiliation: Pagan
Any special powers or abilities: 
ABILITIES: Perception, Super stength,Telerpotation, Apporting, Telekinesis, Pyrokinesis, Thermokinesis, minor Spell casting, Molecular combustion.

While being powerful he does have weaknesses of most demons: Devil's traps - Crowley could be trapped by a devil's trap and the bullet version. 
Holy water - Holy watter affects Crowley.
Angels - Angels could overpower and smite Crowley.
Higher Demons - Higher demons could negate his powers and easily defeat him.
Hex Bags - Crowley could be harmed by hex bags.
Exorcism - Crowley could be exorcised.
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I am the deringest Devil you'll ever meet love
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