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 あたしのことはよろしくね。(Shimotsuke Application)

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Mikoto Akazawa|Shimotsuke
Mikoto Akazawa|Shimotsuke

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PostSubject: あたしのことはよろしくね。(Shimotsuke Application)   Mon May 01, 2017 10:09 am

Mikoto Akazawa (Western order)


Around the age of 18-20.

Physical Description:
Eyes: Amber.
Hair: Black-brown.
Height: 157 centimetres (5 ft. 2 inches)
Weight: 89.2 pounds.
Cup size: 70 C, almost D.
More Info:
Mikoto is a quite slim, although her petite figure and gently rounded curves might gives her a slightly plumper appearance. Her black-brown hair is usually worn shoulder-length, although at some point she’d cut it into a chin-length bob style before deciding that long hair suited her better. Due to her hair being very thick and rather fluffy-looking, she usually ties it up in a bun. Her bangs are rarely seen worn the same way, occasionally parted in the middle or worn straight across, but most often seen parted slightly to the right.
Her skin, although light, isn’t completely pale, which is the reason why she can always be seen with an umbrella even when it’s not raining, as she, like many other Japanese girls, despises having a suntan.
She’s been described by many as having a slightly doll-like appearance with her large eyes, small hands and long, slender legs, and her style can be seen to reflect that. Disliking heavy makeup due to the constant worry that it’ll smudge on her clothes, Mikoto usually opts for very light makeup (or even the traditional rice-powder kind) and pale pink lip gloss, as she also hates lipstick stains-- although it’s also highly likely that it’s just lip balm, because her lips are usually quite dry and they seem to “peel” like a snake shedding its skin on a weekly to monthly basis. Her style of dress can be described as “cutesy”, as she prefers a pastel colour scheme. As most of Mikoto’s wardrobe consists of miniskirts and over-knee socks her clothing can’t exactly be called “very modest” or “conservative”, but she rarely wears anything revealing, considering it to look cheap on her.
Of course, she usually prefers to wear traditional clothing like a kimono or hakama (especially for kendou training). Her favourite kimono is pale turquoise blue with a pattern of autumn leaves, clouds, and cherry blossoms.
Most often she'll be seen carrying a shinai or bokutou (bamboo and wooden swords used in kendou training) and accompanied by her cat Masamune (so named because he was a stray that only had one eye, like the famous samurai Date Masamune. The cat's full name is Dokuganryuu Masamune [独眼竜政宗], meaning "one-eyed dragon Masamune". This was one of Date Masamune's nicknames.)


Brief Personality:
Due to her upbringing Mikoto can occasionally appear detached, but this isn’t usually the case; although she seems to be quiet, she is actually surprisingly talkative and at times even a little childish, which contradicts to her image being that of a mature, refined young lady as she’s prone to acting spoiled and slightly clingy with the people she’s close to.

Despite seeming like an introverted sort of person, in reality Mikoto has a fear of being alone. She may not act or look like it, but she acknowledges that having such a long lifespan will mean losing people, thus why she’s hesitant to make friends. In addition, she has stated that she finds having too many friends difficult to deal with as she stresses on treating each and every one equally and with as much love as possible, so in short she prefers only having a few very close friends.
She's also very feminine in the way she presents herself, having been praised by many as being yamato nadeshiko (the ideal of a "good Japanese woman"). Furthermore, she uses the very feminine pronoun あたし (atashi) to address herself.

It also seems that Mikoto has a complex about living for the sake of other people. However spoilt she might act, especially towards her lover, her self-esteem is quite low. She puts pressure on herself to please others, and this doesn’t only apply to the lengths she will go to make a good first impression. Even with her friends, family, and the touken danshi, people whom she’s supposedly most comfortable with, she’s very insistent on attempting to meet their every need and is deathly afraid of offending them, to the point of simply agreeing to whatever the other person says when she’s asked for her opinion on something. She also insists on keeping her anxieties and unhappiness to herself so it won’t burden others or sour the mood. In a more positive light she could be described as “considerate of others’ feelings” but her behaviour could also be interpreted as something akin to “chuunibyou syndrome”, implying that she feels a false sense of grandeur from “suffering alone” or “carrying her own burden”.
Because of this, she usually wears a fake smile, although there's no malicious intent behind it. She simply wishes for others not to worry about her.

That being said, she can be brutally practical at times, even if she’s a more emotional-oriented person at heart. It’s also because she has a more pessimistic (“realistic”, as she calls it) view on life. Her philosophy is “expect the worst, and you’ll be pleased at a good outcome. Expect the best and you’ll just be disappointed.” She’s also very aware that most things in life have to be fought for (ironic, due to her wealthy background) and that problems require logical solutions, not moping around and sulking. However, this mostly only applies to situations where she’s helping others with their problems. If asked why she hasn’t used the same logic to deal with her own problems, she will refuse to answer.


Personal History:
It’s really long. Sorry.:

Relationships with others:
Akazawa Tatsui: Her biological father. When Mikoto was a child growing up in his castle, they weren't exactly close; Tatsui never had enough time for all of his children, let alone an illegitimate daughter.
How they get along in present-day and the future timeline is unconfirmed.

Honda Hanako: Despite their past, Mikoto looks up to Hanako and views her as a mother figure although Hanako pretends not to fully accept it. In truth she doesn't have any animosity towards Mikoto and cares about her to some extent, but she's very strict on the younger woman and has high expectations of her.

Honda Kiku: Her adoptive uncle and alternative father figure.

Honda Shinichi: Her biological cousin, whom she treats like a younger brother. She's capable of kicking his ass in kendou.

Yamanbagiri Kunihiro: Her "assistant", in a manner of speaking, as he's the first sword at the citadel and the primary team captain. Mutually attracted to each other, but too shy.
She has technically met him in the past.

Akashi Kuniyuki: A new arrival at the citadel. Due to his laziness, he frequently gets hit by her shinai.

Representative Of:
Shin-Shimotsuke no kuni, or Shimotsuke.

The name means “New Shimotsuke”, which refers to the historical province, Shimotsuke no kuni.

Former Country Names:
Formerly Shimotsuke no kuni (713 [Nara period]-1873 [Meiji Restoration]) and Tochigi Prefecture (1873 [Meiji Restoration]-2167)

Day Formed:
Reformed as “New Shimotsuke” on the 30th of August, 2167.


The current daimyou of New Shimotsuke is Yanagihara Rin (柳原凛). She is the fourth female prefecture daimyou to have been elected.
22nd and 23rd-century Japan still follows a constitutional monarchy system with the Emperor and Prime Minister being at the top of the political hierarchy, while each separate prefecture-province is governed by a daimyou (大名). However, unlike their historical namesake, these governors are not feudal lords; they are elected by the people of the prefecture-province, sort of like a district council, and given authority from the Imperial Family.



Modern-day Tochigi Prefecture (in the northern Kantou region of Japan).

6,408.28 kilometres squared.


Coat of Arms:


Before the Meiji Restoration, Tochigi was known as Shimotsuke Province.

In the early 15th century, Ashikaga Gakko, Japan's oldest school of higher education, was re-established, holding over 3,000 students by the 16th century. Saint Francis Xavier introduced Ashikaga to the world as the best university in Japan.

In the early 17th century, Japan was unified by the shōgun Tokugawa Ieyasu. After his death, Tōshō-gū shrine was built in Nikko on what the shoguns thought of as holy ground to protect and worship Ieyasu. The establishment of the Nikkō Tōshō-gū in 1617 brought Nikkō to national attention. The Tokugawa shogunate developed the Nikkō Kaidō (日光街道, part of the major road connecting Nikkō with Edo) and required lavish processions to worship Ieyasu, the founder of the Tokugawa line of shoguns.

In the late 19th century, the Tokugawa Shogunate fell and the new government established the prefectures. The prefectural capital was established in the city of Tochigi after the unification of Utsunomiya Prefecture and Tochigi Prefecture in 1873. By 1884, however, the capital was transferred to Utsunomiya.

In March 2011, following the Fukushima I nuclear accidents, levels of radioactivity in Utsunomiya were 33 times higher than normal.

Shimotsuke (Nara period) to modern day Tochigi:

2167 onwards:

Other prefectures: Normal relations

Shinkenshima: Back when the island was a government-owned testing facility, Shimotsuke manufactured most of the laboratories' medical equipment.

Major Exports:
The main industry of Shimotsuke is the manufacturing of machines for medical and dental use, as well as textiles (mainly in Ashikaga). As for agriculture, the main produce consists of rice, various vegetables and strawberries.
The area is also famous for its universities, particularly those for science, technology, literature and art.

Religious Affiliation:
Predominantly Shinto, although there are also many who don't choose to follow a specific religion as well as a fair amount of Christians.
*So, Mikoto would be Shinto. Otherwise she wouldn't have become the saniwa.

Special Abilities
Mikoto is competent at kendou, if not extremely skilled at it. She is also able to see spirits.

Mikoto’s colour on the chatbox is #FCC9B9 or sakura-iro (桜色, “Cherry blossom colour”.)

Theme song:
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あたしのことはよろしくね。(Shimotsuke Application)
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