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 Anwen Here! Ready to go!

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Anwen Kirkland
Anwen Kirkland

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Anwen Here! Ready to go! Empty
PostSubject: Anwen Here! Ready to go!   Anwen Here! Ready to go! Icon_minitimeSun Apr 30, 2017 3:14 pm

Name's Anwen Kirkland! I'm ready to party it out and steal the spotlight! I'm the star of this show yo!


Name: Anwen Kirkland

Representative of: Cardiff, Wales

Gender: Female

Age: 19 (6000 years old)
(human and historical)

Brief personality:
(at least 5 sentences)

Anwen likes to be the light of the party, it keeps her mind off of other things, allowing her to focus on herself and the present. She has bad anxiety, forcing her to push herself in situations, to not focus on it. She also is Bi-polar when her anxiety reaches a certain level. She doesn't mean to push people away but she has a hard time apologizing, making herself believe that's what she wanted to say to avoid having to explain her mental disorders. She likes to take weed for her anxiety, making her really chill when high, but once the effects of the high wear off, her anxiety stays low but she will still try to be the spotlight.

Brief physical description:
(at least 5 sentences)

Anwen has silver hair that goes to her butt, long bangs in the front, sometimes wearing her hair up in a pony(most nights she'll spend the 2 hours to curl her hair). Her skin is white, burns easily so she usually is carrying a huge bottle of sunscreen with her. Her eyes are hazel, face round and has a button nose. Her upper lip is on the thin side, very pointed in, in the center(much like a prominent heart top). Her lower lip is very plump, usually wearing lipstick of a nice bright red. She is 5'5, long legs and only weighs 154 pounds. She has a scar on her left hip that she has had since birth, and a birthmark on her inner thigh, right leg. She has a nicely round butt, and her bust is a 28 D

Brief history:
(at least 5 sentences)

Unlike most, Anwen has a British accent as most of her life was influenced by England. Once just a roman fort castle, King Willam I, came and helped altered the castle and then a town was formed around it. She suffered a burn from Owain when he burned down the town. It was quickly rebuilt, prospered once more and she was grateful for it, however hating the war between England and Wales. She struggled with her people for many years(with her disorder) as terms for the illness had not come around for a long time. Her city began to prosper more, and she began to take more and more of the spotlight as the docks were built. Then the military and college were built in the town, and she was able to more freely explore the world at her leisure. She celebrated most when she was named capitol city of Wales.

Religious affiliation: Catholic

Any special powers or abilities:(nope)
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Anwen Here! Ready to go!
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