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 "I'm not America, eh!"

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Matthew Williams (Canada)

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PostSubject: "I'm not America, eh!"    Fri Apr 28, 2017 1:54 pm

Name: Matthew Williams

Representative of: Canada

Gender: Male

Age: 19 physically, and literally he is 150 (as of 2017.)

Brief personality: In contrast to his brother, Canada is calm, shy, sensitive, and hates fighting (But, it is said that he is a very strong fighter). Despite this, he is often mistaken for his brother and has found himself in trouble for incidents that America has caused. When he is not being mistaken for his brother, other nations tend to forget that he exists. He is also passive aggressive and was once able to make America cry by arguing with him for over three hours and pointing out every single one of his faults. It is also implied in a chapter he loves maple syrup as he is shown offering America some for his coffee. According to Himaruya, he's always been a rather good tactician, and this was displayed in a comic set during the Revolutionary War in which Canada assisted England, whose letters to America were normally not accepted, by writing on a note attached to the letter, "there are snacks inside," strongly tempting America to accept and open the letter. Canada also likes to play ice hockey and lacrosse, and drives a tractor on his days off. He also has a pet bear named Kumajirou, who, unfortunately, always forgets Canada's name. In return, Canada always forgets Kumajirou's name as well.

Brief physical description: His hair is wavy, and depicted at times as being two-toned: a lighter blond on top, with more of an orange (or darker blond) shade on the bottom and tips. He has violet eyes, though they have also been colored blue in some official art. At least one figurine depicts him with completely orange hair. He also sports a curly ahoge off the top of his head. Canada wears a heavy tan winter coat and pants as his military uniform, though when he is dressed casually, he is usually shown wearing a hoodie (sometimes depicted with the Canadian flag emblem on it), and a pair of jeans. Like his brother, Canada wears glasses, though he also sports a pair of goggles on his head at times (such as when wearing his uniform). Although often drawn as shorter in fanart, official art makes it clear that he is either the same height/build as his brother, or very close to it.

Brief history:

Aboriginal people:

Aboriginal people in present-day Canada include the First Nations, Inuit, and Métis, the latter being a mixed-blood people who originated in the mid-17th century when First Nations and Inuit people married European settlers. Archaeological studies and genetic analyses have indicated a human presence in the northern Yukon region from 13,000–12,000 BC and in southern Ontario from 7500 BC. These first settlers entered Canada through Beringia by way of the Bering land bridge. The Paleo-Indian archeological sites at Old Crow Flats and Bluefish Caves are two of the oldest sites of human habitation in Canada. The characteristics of Canadian Aboriginal societies included permanent settlements, agriculture, complex societal hierarchies, and trading networks. Some of these cultures had collapsed by the time European explorers arrived in the late 15th and early 16th centuries and have only been discovered through archeological investigations.

Religious affiliation: Christianity.

Any special powers or abilities: Well, if you count being invisible, then it is a power. Otherwise, he can beat your ass with a hockey stick if you ever insult hockey.

His color in the chatbox is #cc333.
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"I'm not America, eh!"
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