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 So this is what three years of development is

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PostSubject: So this is what three years of development is   Fri Apr 21, 2017 10:48 pm

Name: Madeleine Elaine Trudeau (Her nickname is Mads, not many people call her this though. She hates being called Maddie)

Representative of: Arcadia (Canadian Province that doesn't actually exist, she is a "new" land form)

Gender: Female

26 Human | 8 Country

Brief personality:
If Madeleine doesn't know you, she is shy and very quiet. She often clings to those she trusts the most in order to get through social events. Don't let her quietness fool you.
She is loud, passionate and bubbly when you really get to know her, she isn't afraid to speak her mind and loves teaching her friends about the world since she herself has taken such a great interest in history. Because English is not her first language, she often tries her best to hide her accent and even avoids speaking French so no one can point it out, if they do she often denies the truth and tries to change the subject.

Brief physical description:
Madeleine is 5'7, ghostly pale in the colder months but can get a nice tan in the summer and hot spring days. Her hair varies in colour from a darker strawberry blonde in the winter to full on red, big and curly in the summer.
In her original design she had green eyes but now has obnoxiously bright blue eyes that seem to compliment her pale features in the winter.
She had scars all over her body which will be explained in the history portion.

Brief history: (If you know anything about Canadian history you'll know why her parents ethnicity plus her being born in Quebec plus her province being out east is hilarious, I never even realised until earlier today ahah)
Madeleine was born in Montreal Quebec to two foreign parents belonging to the military - her mother originaly hailing from Scotland and her father from France. She lived with them and her older brother Micheal in a quiet little house hidden away in the northern Quebec forests. Her first language was French but was taught English soon after in order for her to succeed in life.
At five, both parents died while in combat. Her and Michael were sent off to family in France where she was often abused verbally and physically. To this day she still has scars on her back from the belt she was beat with.
At ten she and Michael found a way home and took it without thinking twice, at the time Michael was only fifteen, can you imagine? A young, fifteen year old boy and his younger sister trying to leave the country? Insane right? Well they did it.
For another three years they lived on the streets of Toronto, stealing whatever they could and working if possible. Eventually enough money was saved up and they bought their own apartment for the first time.
During all of this, Madeleine studied, she had taken an interest in world history at a young age and had always tried to teach herself more, by the time she was thirteen she could have been the one teaching the class!

All of this trauma isn't good for children, with no real support she became depressed. She had made friends and became passionate about plenty of things but still she was just so tired. At eighteen she successfully took her own life but was given a second chance.
Recently a new land mass had been found just off the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador, no personification had been found with it and Madeleine just so happened to be the lucky duck. She came back, some of her memory from just before her death had been lost but that couldn't have mattered anyway. She had the chance to change her own country for the better now.
(This is insanely choppy, I promise you she has a really long backstory but I had to shorten it to the best of my abilities to keep this readable in one sitting. One day I'll write up her entire backstory and just link it here, I've been developing Mads since 2015)

Religious affiliation:
Baptized as French Catholic, does not currently practice any religion. (Atheist)

Any special powers or abilities:

I will not do any smut with Madeleine, if you want that please look at the other characters I do. She is looking for friends, mainly any FACE family members or their provinces/territories/states but anyone can chat with her ^.^
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So this is what three years of development is
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