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 Come, Sit Down. I Don't Bite~

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Silviu Costiniu (Pelișor)
Silviu Costiniu (Pelișor)

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Come, Sit Down. I Don't Bite~ Empty
PostSubject: Come, Sit Down. I Don't Bite~   Come, Sit Down. I Don't Bite~ Icon_minitimeFri Apr 21, 2017 5:29 pm

Silviu Costiniu.

Representative of:
Pelișor Castle.


Human: 20.
Historical: Construction started in 1899, completed in 1903.

Brief personality:
Unlike his brother, Silviu’s emotions are very easy to read by his facial expression and his actions. He is the type to easily get jealous, but he is quite affectionate. He normally acts warm and caring, but he will change drastically into a cold demeanour when he is upset. Although he is a slight control freak, he isn't necessarily clingy. He is extremely nosy and wants to know what's going on at all times, and he's also extremely curious. Nothing irritates him more when he finds out someone has been hiding something from him. When he's pissed, he raises his voice and can become violent and threatening. Though when he’s sad, he likes to isolate himself. He would never, ever cry in front of someone else unless he truly trusted them. When he’s hunting for food, he typically isolates a victim, drinks their blood, knocks them out, erases their memory, heals their wound, and set him free. This way, he doesn’t kill anyone, but no one knows what he really is, except those of his own kind (they can ‘smell’ that he’s a vampire). Even so, he is able to blend in with other humans with ease, unlike his brother who has to fake his every move. Because of that, he has a pretty rocky relationship with his brother. Since Silviu is taller, grew up quicker, and he finds it easier to blend in, his brother Vasile seems to secretly detest him, even though they seem fine on the surface. This causes Silviu to often feel lonely, since he has no one to really go to. He can often be seen staring into the distance, thinking of what he could have instead of what he has already.

Brief physical description:
Silviu is a tall young man with a slender yet toned build, at 6’6” and 160 pounds, much to his older brother’s dismay. He has slightly long, wavy black hair that stops at his shoulders and curves inward, and slitted red eyes. Since he is a vampire, he is seen to have fangs, and when he’s in full vampire form, he has bat wings. He often takes a human form so no one really knows he’s a vampire, where he basically no longer has fangs or slitted eyes. He often wears collared shirts, and he’s always wearing long sleeves and pants.

Vampire Nobility:

Brief history:
Pelișor Castle (Romanian: Castelul Pelișor) is a castle in Sinaia, Romania, part of the same complex as the larger castle of Peleș. It was built in 1899–1902 by order of King Carol I, as the residence for his nephew and heir, the future King Ferdinand (son of Carol’s brother Leopold von Hohenzollern) and Ferdinand’s consort Queen Marie.
In 2006, it was decided that the palace complex, including Pelișor, long a museum and tourist site, is the legal property of the heirs of the Romanian royal family. They will take legal possession of it and sell it back to the Romanian state, so that it will remain in its current status. The main castle of Peleș has already so sold, but negotiations about other villas and chateaus are ongoing. King Michael I of Romania appears decisive that of the complex, Pelișor castle will remain as place for his heirs, the Royal Family.
Pelișor was designed by the Czech architect Karel Liman in the Art Nouveau style; the furniture and the interior decorations were designed mostly by the Viennese Bernhard Ludwig. There are several chambers, working cabinets, a chapel, and “the golden room”. Queen Marie herself, an accomplished artist, made many of the artistic decisions about the design of the palace, and participated in its decoration, including as a painter. Queen Marie considered Art Nouveau a weapon against sterile historicism, creating a personal style combining Art-Nouveau elements with Byzantine and Celtic elements.
The hall of honour is very simple with the walls covered with oak-timber and a glass ceiling.

Religious affiliation:

Any special powers or abilities:
Magic, because he’s a vampire.

This character's hexcode is #660000.
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Come, Sit Down. I Don't Bite~
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