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 Please, stick to the rules. {Female Daten City Application}

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Chemise {Daten City}

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PostSubject: Please, stick to the rules. {Female Daten City Application}   Fri Apr 21, 2017 10:59 am


Chemise Order.

Representative of:

Daten City. Its name derives from the Japanese word datenshi (堕天使), which means fallen angel.




She appears to be in her late teens (18-20). Her historical age is unknown (immortal).

Brief personality:

Babydoll is a rather modest, sweet and serious girl on the exterior. She behaves in a rather average manner and there's nothing really interesting about her. But that is only her outer shell. She's a fanatic of rules and has the flaw of having to feel obliged to impose it on other people as well. She is rather level-headed and thinks before acting, but upon confronting people like Bustier she can lose her patience rather easily and become more agitated, which tends to lead her into messing up soon after. When she becomes more inclined to ditch her shell, she becomes the more vulnerable as she seems to get flustered easily in spite of her wits and intellect. She is also less inclined to be indulging in any of her capricious wishes and doesn't really engage in any sexual acts whatsoever in spite of her demonic nature.

Brief physical description:

Chemise appears a young, human woman with pale skin and short in height. She has big, grey eyes with curly eyelashes. A pair of white glasses rest daintily on her nose. She has long, curly brown hair with blonde highlights that reaches until her moderately-sized chest. She is usually wearing casual clothes (blue sweater, with a bubbly white skirt, black stockings and black pumps). When not in a casual situation, she wears a white dress shirt and black tie with a black blazer, matching black pencil skirt, white knee socks and black stilettos. Under all these clothes she wears a black, leather chemise.

Chemise Human Form:

In her demonic form, Chemise's appearance changes drastically. Her skin is a dark red and she now has horns, small pointed ears and a demon tail. Her eyes acquire an amber/yellow colour and become more sharp, almost feline-like. Her hair turns black and becomes more slick, acquiring a longer length to it. Her horns are averagely sized and the pointed ends turn upwards. The upper and lower part of her eyes are tattooed, the colour just a darker hue of her skin (which are similar to a slit).

Casual Chemise Demon Form:

In her casual wear, she tends to have overall modest golden earrings. She's also a fan of crop tops, short shorts and knee socks of all kinds. She usually wears her usual uniform, though, whenever she changes to this form (see Human Description).

Chemise Demon Form:

In her normal demon form, she tends to wear more lavish set of jewellery and two rings decorating her horns. She wears a leather chemise with straps of the same material around her body and spiked bracelets. These straps squeeze her skin lightly in a tempting manner and barely cover her private parts. She also wears leather, thigh-high heels.

Brief history:

Daten City is located on the fault line between Heaven and Hell, making it an easy target of both, demons and ghosts. Daten City seems to be based off of the average American state, most likely California. The flag of the city is a fusion of the Japanese and American flag.

Daten City is a heavily populated metropolis. It consists of many businesses, including stores, restaurants and manufacturers. Daten City has a great economy, a balanced educational system, a well-structured government, and an exceptional law enforcement system. Daten City is also known for being a huge celebrity spot, and for having a vast number of nightclubs, sex shops and motels, which are mostly named after sexual puns and jokes.

The city has been constantly destroyed by various ghosts, but has been reconstructed just as much. It was revealed that a gate to Hell lies between the huge twin buildings located in the heart of Daten City. But it's nowadays locked and impossible to open once again.

Religious affiliation:


Any special powers or abilities:

Chemise can transform in her demon form at will by summoning bright red flames that would appear on the heel of her feet. These flames rapidly expand up her body and soon vanish upon reaching the top of her head.

She uses the black, lace fabric of her leather chemise as a weapon as well by quickly taking it off in a swift move. The fabric will then proceed to transform into a large black scythe with a golden glow. This scythe can harm supernatural creatures, including angels and demons. Unlike Bustier, she can harm humans with this weapon.
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Please, stick to the rules. {Female Daten City Application}
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