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 Wanna be my number 169?~ {Daten City Application}

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Bustier {Daten City}

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PostSubject: Wanna be my number 169?~ {Daten City Application}   Fri Apr 21, 2017 9:31 am


Bustier Chaos.

Representative of:

Daten City. Its name derives from the Japanese word datenshi (堕天使), which means fallen angel.




He appears to be in his late teens (18-20). His historical age is unknown (immortal).

Brief personality:

Bustier is a sleazy young man with very questionable morals, which caused him be sent to Daten City and consequently become its protector. He is a huge pervert that constantly seeks to involve himself in sexual activities. Not only that, but he has a rather reckless and impulsive antics, which caused him to be deemed unfit to keep his status as an angel in Heaven. He doesn't have any of the considered "model angel behaviour", and loves to indulge himself in his guilty pleasures. He is known to have no shame of his actions whatsoever and will flirt with anything that moves, only to just have a one night stand and pass on to the next subject of interest.

Brief physical description:

Bustier is a young-looking man of average height with pale skin and black eyes. He has a lean build and black bangs that tend to cover one of his eyes. They grow long with ease, which tends to be a bother for him sometimes, but it doesn't restrict his vision. He is used to wear jeans, a white top and a thin cardigan with black and white stripes. His top and cardigan are particularly easy to take off. Underneath this, he has a black and white bustier.

Bustier Human Form:

In his angelic form, pure white wings sprout from his back and his hair changes of length, growing longer and slightly wavier. Feathers decorate his skin, which glow a funky dark neon blue along with his eyes. He's almost naked, showing off his black and white bustier with matching black and white garters, trunks and stockings. Upon being in his angelic form, he is seen wielding a katana used to eliminate ghosts and demons.

Bustier Angel Form:

Brief history:

Daten City is located on the fault line between Heaven and Hell, making it an easy target of both, demons and ghosts. Daten City seems to be based off of the average American state, most likely California. The flag of the city is a fusion of the Japanese and American flag.

Daten City is a heavily populated metropolis. It consists of many businesses, including stores, restaurants and manufacturers. Daten City has a great economy, a balanced educational system, a well-structured government, and an exceptional law enforcement system. Daten City is also known for being a huge celebrity spot, and for having a vast number of nightclubs, sex shops and motels, which are mostly named after sexual puns and jokes.

The city has been constantly destroyed by various ghosts, but has been reconstructed just as much. It was revealed that a gate to Hell lies between the huge twin buildings located in the heart of Daten City. But it's nowadays locked and impossible to open once again.

Religious affiliation:


Any special powers or abilities:

Bustier can transform in his angel form at will by summoning a dark, neon blue halo that would appear on the top of his head and flicking it down his body.

Example of transformation:

He uses the lace of his bustier as a weapon as well by quickly taking it off in a swift move. The lace will then proceed to transform into his well-known katana. This katana can harm supernatural creatures, including angels and demons. But he cannot harm humans with it.
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Wanna be my number 169?~ {Daten City Application}
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