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 Square up, U won't

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Alexia Jones(Lexington)

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PostSubject: Square up, U won't   Wed Apr 19, 2017 12:12 am

Alexia Jones

Representative of:


Human Age: 17 years old
Place Age: 282 years old

Brief personality:
Alexia is creative and is known to be pretty childish and outgoing, but she is known to get very serious especially when it's a dire situation. She loves to draw and play videogames during her free time and does what she can to get along with other people. Though she seems social she is rather timid and tends to keep to herself especially when it comes to people she doesn't know. She gets pretty anxious when it comes to certain things and when she can't cope with it she will most likely end up crying, though when she can cope with it she will do what she can to stay calm. She does tend to get pretty jealous, though her jealousy can go 1 of 3 ways, she will either get upset, snappy/rude, or violent. She is not fond of her first name so she would like to be called Alex.

Brief physical description:
She has natural brown hair that has been dyed purple, though it is faded slightly near the roots, along with hazel colored eyes that are red near the pupil. Her hair is long on one side but short on the other side. Her attire consists of a gray tank top, red shorts, and black and white thigh high socks. She is normally seen holding a black and red vape that she uses when she is stressed. On occasion she will be seen wearing a black assassin creed hood.


Brief history:

Religious affiliation:

Any special powers or abilities:
Like most American’s she has inhuman strength.

Alexia's color in the chatbox is #330033
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Square up, U won't
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