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 My left nut.

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Joseph K.(Middlesbrough)

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PostSubject: My left nut.   Tue Apr 18, 2017 8:11 pm

Joseph Mark Kirkland.

Representative of:
Middlesbrough, England.


Human:  21
Historical:  ~926

Brief personality:
Joseph is sarcastic and has a rather dark sense of humour, but he is fun to hang around. He enjoys having a laugh with others and easily gets along with those who can take a joke. He also loves to tease others and can come off as quite rude occasionally, but he certainly is only joking. Although he does not easily succumb to pressure, stress, or frustration, he does have a tendency to give in to others when he feels guilty. His guilty conscious often gets the best of him when he feels he has done something wrong or incorrectly because he hates hurting others. He would never admit it, though, because he is quite reluctant to do or say anything that damages his pride.

Brief physical description:
He has light brown hair and deep blue eyes with orange around the pupils. He often wears steampunkesque clothing because of how much Middlesbrough is industrialised. He is about 6’4” and he is quite thin. He is also very pale.

Brief history:
After the Angles, the area became home to Viking settlers. Names of Viking origin (with the suffix by) are abundant in the area – for example, Ormesby, Stainsby, Maltby and Tollesby were once separate villages that belonged to Vikings called Orm, Steinn, Malti and Toll, but now form suburbs of Middlesbrough.

In 1801, Middlesbrough was a small farm with a population of just 25. During the latter half of the 19th century, however, it experienced rapid growth. At first Middlesbrough was a coal port. Soon the iron industry was booming, and as a result the population of Middlesbrough boomed. By 1861 the population had reached nearly 20,000. Meanwhile in 1853 Middlesbrough was given a corporation and mayor.

During the First World War the iron and steel industry in Middlesbrough worked to full capacity. However many men from the town lost their lives in the war. Afterwards there was very high unemployment. However between the wars the first council houses were built in Middlesbrough. The Second World War brought full employment as industries in the city boomed. Following the Second World War Middlesbrough continued to grow and many more council houses were built as well as private ones.

Today the population of Middlesbrough is about 174,700.

Religious affiliation:
Previously Catholic, then Protestant, but nowadays, he is Agnostic.

Any special powers or abilities:
Like most Kirklands, he has magic. His magic abilities are based around metal, electricity, and smog. He also does not feel pain.
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My left nut.
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