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 肝臓、胃袋 ハラワタは最後。おいしい おいしい すっごくおいしい!(Mt. Ooe Application)

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Shuten-Douji (大枝山)

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PostSubject: 肝臓、胃袋 ハラワタは最後。おいしい おいしい すっごくおいしい!(Mt. Ooe Application)   Wed Apr 12, 2017 5:32 am


Shuten-Douji, meaning "sake-swallowing demon child".

Representative of|代表:
Mount Ooe or Ooe-yama, Kyoto.

Able to shapeshift into a female, but his preferred gender/form is male.

Legend has it that he was born in the Heian era, in the 8th century. However, he appears to be a young man in his midtwenties.

Brief personality|人格:
Despite his true nature being that of a bloodthirsty brute, Shuten-Douji is a master of deception and trickery, able to feign the appearance of a charismatic, attractive gentleman. On first impression he might seem to be charming, witty, clever and kind, but DO NOT BE FOOLED. His only goal, or I should say, the only purpose he sees in humans, is to satisfy his hunger and lust.
Similar to Yamata-no-orochi, the eight-headed dragon that he’s said to be the offspring of, Shuten-Douji does indeed live up to his name and has a seemingly insatiable appetite for alcohol, specifically sake (Japanese rice wine). He has a far higher tolerance for alcohol than humans, but when he’s drunk his true nature will be revealed. He'll become increasingly violent and if he was previously disguised as a human, he would revert back into his oni form.
As oni, human, or otherwise, Shuten-Douji is shown to portray little or no emotion apart from sadistic amusement, annoyance, hunger, or lust. He seems to be incapable of empathy, claiming that his heart already rotted away when other humans scorned and abandoned him.
He's also extremely manipulative and vindictive, with a sort of coldblooded, determined patience often seen in the way reptiles stalk their prey. Having no morals in the first place, he doesn't seem to care about any other being in the world besides himself. The only other creature he has shown anything resembling fondness or compassion to is his deputy Ibaraki-Douji, who was taken in by Shuten-Douji after being abandoned by humans and became an oni, just like himself. He has even admitted that were Ibaraki-Douji a female oni instead of a male oni, he might have considered taking him as a mate.

Brief physical description|外観:
According to legend, before he transformed into a demon and became the Shuten-Douji of Ooe-yama, he was an exceptionally handsome young man. Even after demonification, Shuten-Douji is still considered quite attractive (for an oni). In his natural form he’s very tall, standing at six foot five (almost two metres) with a toned, muscular body, smooth snow-white skin, light blue eyes, sharp white fangs and neck-length purple hair, usually adorned with a red and white cord, his bangs brushed over to cover his right eye. His ears are slightly pointed and two small, bony white horns protrude from his forehead. When disguised as a human he doesn’t look very different, except that his demonic features are hidden and he’s quite a bit shorter, his monstrous height being reduced to five foot eleven.
Although no one has confirmed this, his "berserk" mode is said to be draconic or serpentine, due to his parentage. The obvious reason why no one can confirm this is because if anyone's seen it, they're most likely dead.
Clothes don’t really matter to Shuten-Douji, as he wears whatever he sees as appropriate when disguised, but in his oni form he’s usually seen wearing a black, red, white, and purple kimono with a faint pattern of chrysanthemums, camellias and peonies under a black leather vest fastened with silver buckles at the waist, dark grey pants, traditional-style wooden sandals, and a grey-black haori, decorated with the same white and red ropes as his hair and without sleeves, to show off the dragon tattoo on his right arm. He’s almost always seen carrying a tachi (long sword) at his belt as well as a gourd filled with sake.


Brief history|歴史說明:
Mount Ooe
Ōeyama (Japanese: 大枝山) also Ooe-yama and Mount Ooe is a mountain in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan.
The mount is 480m high. It was known in popular mythology as the residence of Shuten-dōji, a demon. It was developed for nickel mines, where Allied POWs were used, and then reversed as the site of an Allied POW camp after the end of World War II.

It is now the site of a ski resort, about 20min by bus from Miyazu Station on the KTR Miyazu Line.

Ōeyama, Wikipedia.

The legend of Shuten-Douji
Shuten-dōji (酒呑童子, also sometimes called 酒顛童子, 酒天童子, or 朱点童子) is a mythical oni leader who lived in Mt. Ooe (大江山) of Tamba Province or Mt. Ooe (大枝) on the boundary between Kyoto and Tamba in Japan.He was based in a palace somewhat like a Ryūgū-jō on Mt. Ooe, and he had many oni subordinates.
Shuten-doji, according to one legend, was born at Ganbara, Echigo. However, there is also the idea that from the base of Mt. Ibuki, where in literature like the Nihon Shoki, in the legend of the defeat of the giant snake Yamata no Orochi to Susanoo in a battle, it fled from Izumo to Ōmi and had a child with a wealthy person’s daughter; that child became Shuten-doji. Both father and son had a matchless thirst for sake, which is often cited as support.

While he was 12 years of age, he was a “pretty boy,” and refused all of the women who loved him and many of them died of lovesickness. When he burned the love letters he received from all the females, the smoke that came out enveloped him and turned him into an oni. Because of this, it was said that he, who became an oni, after moving from mountain to mountain centered on Honshu, eventually settled on Mt. Ooe.

Another story is that he was in his mother’s womb for 16 months, and that he had teeth and hair when he was born, was immediately able to walk, was able to talk on the level of a 5-6 year old, had the wisdom and physical strength of a 16-year-old, and had a rough temperament, and due to this unusually ready wit, was shunned as an “oni child.” According to Zentaiheiki, afterwards, when he was 6 years of age, he was abandoned by his mother, wandered from place to place, and then walked the path towards being an oni.

There is also a legend that since he was scorned as an oni child, he was put into custody of a temple, but the chief priest of that temple was a user of unorthodox practices, and the child became an oni these wicked ways to the extent of exhausting the limits of evil.

Religious affiliation|宗教:

Any special powers or abilities|特別な能力:
He is one of the three great evil youkai of Japan and is said to be the most powerful, capable of controlling many oni (demons). He also possesses superhuman strength, capacity for alcohol, appetite, and libido.
It is said that he can make human victims feel drawn to him, but given that most of his victims are lone young women his appearance might come into play.

Shuten-Douji's colour on the chatbox is #3A243B or Kokimurasaki (深紫, "Deep purple").
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肝臓、胃袋 ハラワタは最後。おいしい おいしい すっごくおいしい!(Mt. Ooe Application)
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