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 Thicc Dragon Loli

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Kanna Kamui (Ushishir)
Kanna Kamui (Ushishir)

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PostSubject: Thicc Dragon Loli   Thicc Dragon Loli Icon_minitimeSat Mar 25, 2017 4:25 pm

Name: Kanna Kamui

Representative of: Ushishir Island

Gender: Female

Age: Kanna appears as a young female around the age of 10 - 12 when in reality she is actually much older as a rep she is around 500 years old.
(human and historical)

Brief personality: Kanna, being young in the standards of dragons is a rather precocious child with a painstakingly curious nature. Kanna also appears to be in her own world at ties without knowing it. She tends to easily lose track of time when she finds something or someone that piques her interest. She seems to enjoy drawing and music as well as video games although most often she will read and write when bored. Kanna comes off as mature and impassive at times, stating that she doesn’t understand the many emotions of humans or the relationships with which they make.

Brief physical description: When Kanna is within her human form she appears to take the form of a young girl with white, purple hued long hair that splits into two ponytails with three large beads, (the beads symbolizing her treasure trove as a dragon as she has an attraction to pearls and jewel.) Kanna has four horns of which two face upwards while two face downwards, she also has a thin tail that ends in what seems to be a fluffy ball, the ball part of the tail is able to take the form of a plug-in and is used to recharge her powers since being within the human world drains her energy. She is able to freely hide both her wings, tail, and horns when she wants/when it is needed. Kanna’s style seems to be related to that of Gothic Lolita.
(at least 5 sentences)

Brief history: Ushishir is an uninhabited volcanic island located in the centre of the Kuril Islands chain in the Sea of Okhotsk in the northwest Pacific Ocean. The name seems to be derived from the Ainu language for ‘hot spring.’ Ushishir is an island connected by a narrow spit of land. Ushishir has two islets that are the tops of a partially submerged volcano. Ushishir has no permanent habitation prior to European contact but was visited seasonally in the summer by the Ainu tribes from Rasshua who regarded the island as a sacred land which they identified as the home of the thunder Goddess.
(at least 5 sentences)

Religious affiliation: Kanna, being a dragon doesn’t have a set religion. Rather if she had to pick one, it would most likely be Shintoism.

Any special powers or abilities: Kanna, being the dragon of thunder has control over storms although the control isn’t absolute and tends to be affected depending on her moods. She’s able to charge electronics with the help of her tail. She’s also able to transport herself into various electronic devices.
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Thicc Dragon Loli
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