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 “If you're willing to do whatever it takes. I won't hold back.” {Whale Island Application}

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Gon Freecss(Whale Island)

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PostSubject: “If you're willing to do whatever it takes. I won't hold back.” {Whale Island Application}   Tue Mar 21, 2017 7:17 pm


Gon Freecss.

Representative of:

Whale Island.




Looks 14, historical age is unknown.

Brief personality:

Gon wears his heart on his sleeve and is carefree and cheerful. Despite lacking the general knowledge that other people have, he is creative and is capable of seeing things his own way. The most worrying thing about him is that sometimes he can become so curious that he does not care about what is right or wrong. Even then, he is still a sympathetic person. The most striking features of his personality are:

  • Carefree and Optimistic: Gon is so carefree that he can get other people to relax in his presence. He also has a tendency to believe that all will turn out well in the end, which has shown to have considerable influence on the people around him.

  • Stubborn: Once he has made up his mind about something, it is extremely hard to make him backtrack. Not even injuring him or threatening to kill him will work.

  • Impulsive: If he encounters someone he deems unforgivable, he will challenge them without thinking about the possible dangers that could result from his actions.

  • Sincere and Expressive: Whether he is sad or happy, angry or relaxed, Gon always shows what he thinks or feels. He is a sincere person and does not suppress his emotions.

  • Creative: When solving a problem Gon uses his imagination and is not bound by existing concepts. Thus, sometimes he can come up with unimaginable ideas to escape from difficult situations.

  • Proud and Competitive: Gon usually does not take kindly to losing in physical competitions and will do his utmost to ensure that he will be able to achieve a complete victory.

Brief physical description:

Gon is a slim young boy who is relatively tall for his age with long spiky black green tipped hair and large, hazel brown eyes. His usual outfit is composed of a green jacket with reddish edges covering a black or white tank top underneath, green short shorts, and green, laced boots At times he also wears long green pants when the situation requires it. Because of having lived in Whale Island, in spite of his fair skin tone, he can tan pretty easily and his skin becomes pretty dark-toned with ease. He also is pretty strong and has a good constitution for somebody his age due to being out in the jungle-like woods of the island on a daily basis.

Gon With Jacket:

Gon Without Jacket:

Brief history:

The island is a small port of call for fishermen to stay during their trips. It has a few actual residents and the only child other than Gon living there is a little girl named Noko.

{Author of the manga won't give anything else away about the island, I apologise for that.}

Gon's Brief Personal History:

Religious affiliation:


Any special powers or abilities:

Brief & General Overview:

Specific abilities:

Nen Usage:

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“If you're willing to do whatever it takes. I won't hold back.” {Whale Island Application}
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