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 Have you seen my flowers? (Spring app)

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Iolanda (Spring)

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PostSubject: Have you seen my flowers? (Spring app)   Tue Mar 14, 2017 6:07 pm

Name: Iolanda

Representative of: Spring

Gender: Male

Human Age: 19-20-ish
Historical Age: Since before Earth even had dinosaurs

Brief personality: Iolanda is a very steady person. His attitude will not change towards a person or subject once he has made up his mind, which can prove to be a shortcoming when new evidence is brought up in an argument, or anything of the sort. Despite this however, he is pretty shy and sometimes will just stay in his room for long periods of time, just waiting for no real reason. He tends to really dislike the cold, though, and whenever he is faced with it, he will whimper and shrivel up. You probably wouldn’t know if Iolanda dislikes you, because he treats literally everybody with the exact same smiling happy face. But it doesn’t mean he doesn’t dislike you. He hates it when people get on his nerves, and tends to plot ways to mess with them while talking to them. Ultimately, Iolanda loves everything cute, and warm. Like, puppies and flowers. He eats that up.

Brief physical description: Iolanda is on the shorter side of life, standing at about four feet and nine inches. His hair varies in colors from a light orange, to occasionally pink, and then sometimes to red or brown. In addition to his hair changing colors, he almost always has a wreathe of brightly colored flowers around his head. His skin is fair, and his eyes change colors as well, although they are usually blue or green. And on the clothing front, Iolanda usually has himself wearing shorts, and a small tank top. If necessary though, he might even wear a t-shirt. Impressive, amirite?

Brief history: Spring has existed since the earth first had plants that could grow past the point of singe celled-ness and is the season in which plants pollinate, and animals come out of hibernation. Throughout the world, spring is celebrated in many cultures because of its beauty and warmth after the long bleak months of winter. There are celebrations of spring all over the world, such as the Cherry Blossom Festivals in Japan. It has also worked its way into many religions, notably Christianity, and their Easter celebrations taking place in March or April. Spring is distinguishable in most nations around the world, and spring celebrations and festivals happen in most nations in the world every single year.

Religious affiliation: He predates religions

Any special powers or abilities: He has the ability to make plants grow at a staggering rate, also, he is able to lull almost anything to sleep. He also can command small swarms of bees, but this tires him greatly, and he can’t do it for very long.
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Have you seen my flowers? (Spring app)
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