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 Please Don't Ask Me For Any Favours

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Akashi Kuniyuki (来)

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PostSubject: Please Don't Ask Me For Any Favours   Tue Mar 14, 2017 12:09 pm

Akashi Kuniyuki
Western: Kuniyuki Akashi

Representative of:
Rai School (来)


Human: 26
Historical: Mid Kamakura period (ca. 1250)

Brief personality:
Kuniyuki doesn’t seem to be that complex of a man. He’s extremely lazy and hardly motivated, so he hates to do work and often ends up laying around all day. Often claiming that his specialty is eating, he keeps physical activity at a minimum. Surprisingly he hasn’t gotten fat, which is his excuse to continue his lazy behaviour. If someone were to force him to go out and do some fun physical activity, he would enjoy himself, but he’d be very reluctant to go. Work on the other hand, he tends to procrastinate and hates to do anything productive. Because of this, he’s sort of a slob, and his room is extremely messy. He’s the kind of person though to make his bed but leave the rest of his room messy, just so people can’t nag him about being a total slob. He’s got a fantastic sense of humour though, able to joke with just about anyone with just about anything. He sometimes tends to say stupid and airheaded remarks, namely to humour others, but he’s actually extremely intelligent.

Brief physical description:
Human: Kuniyuki is an averaged sized man at 5’10”, and though he’s skinny, he has a rather toned body. He has dark purplish-blue hair, one side clipped down with red hair clips and the other side messy and free. He also has bright yellow eyes that seem to almost glow and metal rimmed glasses. Unlike any of the other swords, he wears more modern looking clothes, despite being centuries old. No matter what, he always carries his sword with him, usually sheathed and attached to his belt.

Sword: The blade is heavy and healthy, in unusually good shape for its age. This blade represents the upper end of Tokubetsu Juyo. The jigane above the hamon is as fine as silk and shows where Rai Kunitoshi learned his craft. Many Kuniyuki are now polished down considerably due to their age and so seeing intact fine kitae is not so common in this work which predates Rai Kunitoshi.


Brief history:
The Rai school, active from the mid-Kamakura period through the Nanboku-chou period, succeeded the Awataguchi school as the foremost school in Yamashiro Province. It was founded in the 13th century either by Kuniyuki or his father Kuniyoshi from the Awataguchi school. The name, “Rai” refers to the fact that smiths of this school preceded their signatures with the character "来" (“rai”). Rai school works show some characteristics of the later Soushuu tradition, especially in the work of Kunitsugu.

Rai school sugata resembles that of the late Heian/early Kamakura period being both gentle and graceful, but grander and with a more vigorous workmanship. Starting with Kunimitsu, the kissaki becomes larger. The jihada is small-grain mokume-hada, dense with ji-nie, yubashiri and chikei. The quality of the jigane is slightly inferior to that of the Awataguchi school. The hamon shows medium suguha with chouji midare.

Information received from Wikipedia.

Religious affiliation:

Any special powers or abilities:
He has the power to shirk out of any responsibility.

This character's hexcode is #333366.
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Please Don't Ask Me For Any Favours
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