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 "I have learned to hate on all traitors, and there is no disease that I spit on more than treachery." - Æschylus

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Leug Aglæca (Treachery)

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PostSubject: "I have learned to hate on all traitors, and there is no disease that I spit on more than treachery." - Æschylus   Fri Mar 10, 2017 9:03 pm

ame: His real name is Leug Aglæca, but he often uses other names to introduce himself to strangers (They change very often, he never made a reputation with them, so cannot be recognised by these names).

Representative of: Treachery, of the 9th Circle of Hell

Gender: Male

Age (human and historical): He exists since the day God created angels, but became a Representation after Satan's fall, when he followed him down to Hell. As a human, he looks about 33.

Brief personality: Leug - and it is the meaning of his name - is a breaker ; more specifically a breaker of trust. In spite of being born and raised in the deepest part of the world, he is very sociable, and is part of many groups, has many friends. True friends, I assure you. If they weren't so, he wouldn't have gained their trust, and wouldn't be able to betray them.
Leug lived most of his life in the company of Lucifer, the very first traitor, and he sees him as a mentor, a father - a God. He believes in him, in what he did, and joined his cause when Lucifer rebelled.
Leug is a player, he likes to play with limits, with physical and symbolic frontiers of the groups he belongs to.

Brief physical description: Leug can have many appearances, according to his needs and desires. But he mostly use his own face, he doesn't use his shapeshifting power so much. But he disguises.
When he doesn't, he looks like a tall, middle-aged man with long curls of hair of a dark brown colour, that are pushed back from his face. Mostly when he's in Hell, he wears a sort of toga, either black (when around important people) or of a dirty white.
He has big, flesh-coloured wings that he uses to get out of Hell or back to it ; when he's on Earth, however, he prefers to walk, you will often see him with a pilgrim's staff, his wings no longer visible.

Young Leug:

Brief history: The ninth circle of Hell, according to Dante, is divided in four areas :
-The Caïna (from Caïn who killed his brother Abel), where are punished the traitors to their family ;
-The Antenora (from Antenor who delivered the palladium of Troyes to their Greek enemies), where are punished the traitors to their country ;
-The Tolomea (from the Egyptian king Ptolémée XIII who had his guests Pompeus assassinated), where are punished those who betray their guests ;
-And the Giudecca (from Judas who betrayed Jesus), where are punished the traitors to their benefactors.

Dante, who visited Hell with Virgil, witnessed, in the Ninth Circle, the smallest one of Hell, a completely frozen lake out of which dozens of men and women were trying to escape. Dante never described Lucifer, he didn't talk about him, but we know that it was Lucifer's giant wings that, undulating, would create that cold, freezing wind that filled the place.

Dante and Virgil in the 9th Circle of Hell:
Lucifer in the 9th Circle of Hell:

Religious affiliation: Christianity, Theistic Satanism

Any special powers or abilities: Like Lucifer, Leug is a shapeshifter. He can change his appearance to gain someone's trust. He is almost always accompanied by an imp, who can turn itself invisible when needed.

Sources :
Dante's Inferno
The Sociology of Treason, article by Sebastian Schehr

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"I have learned to hate on all traitors, and there is no disease that I spit on more than treachery." - Æschylus
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