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 僕は大和守安定、沖田総司の愛刀。よろしく。 (Hanamaru Application) [I LOST MY ORIGINAL ACCOUNT]

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Yamatonokami Yasusada✿花丸

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PostSubject: 僕は大和守安定、沖田総司の愛刀。よろしく。 (Hanamaru Application) [I LOST MY ORIGINAL ACCOUNT]   Mon Feb 20, 2017 9:32 pm


(Yamato-no-kami Yasusada, roughly translates to "Guardian of Yamato", Yamato being an archaic name for Japan. The Mainland Japanese (excluding Okinawa and Hokkaido) as an ethnic group are also referred to as the Yamato, or 大和民族.)

Representative of|代表:
Hanamaru (the Citadel).


As a human, Yasusada is around 22 years of age. The uchigatana Yamato-no-kami Yasusada was forged in 1655, meaning he would physically be 362 years old while the Hanamaru citadel was said to be built around the year 2205.

Brief personality|人格:
"Loyalty and Sincerity" (忠誠) are two traits commonly attributed to Okita Souji, which have been passed down to Yasusada. He is known among his comrades to have an undying admiration or obsession, even, with his former master Okita Souji who was the first squad captain of the Shinsengumi (Kyoto's samurai police force during the late Edo period). His behaviour and mannerisms often reflect this. Like Okita, Yasusada is usually an amiable, charming, easy-going, and even playful young man, but during battle, his personality changes drastically. He becomes very serious and occasionally a cruel streak tends to surface, as seen when he frequently says "首落ちて死ね!" (Lose your head and die!) during battle. Yikes, Yasusada. He also tends to be very impulsive, especially when it comes to protecting his comrades or Okita, being known to discard his own meticulous planning and leaping into the fray without a second thought when either are seriously threatened. Despite this, Yasusada is known among those close to him to be quite sweet and caring, to some extent even "cute" and "childlike".
Although he's friendly with almost everyone in the citadel and well-liked, Yasusada still remains closest to Kashuu Kiyomitsu, his former partner who was also owned by Okita Souji. They are even shown to share a bedroom, and are almost always seen together. It is indicated that Kiyomitsu is the person Yasusada feels most comfortable with, as he's one of the only people he will confide in.

Brief physical description|外観:
Even in appearance, Yasusada greatly resembles Okita. Whether it's his choice of clothing, hairstyle... He claims it's because he'll become stronger if he's more like Okita. His formal dress consists of a Shinsengumi uniform; A light teal-blue coloured haori with the character "誠" (makoto, meaning "sincerity" over a faded grey-green kimono, lacquered armour protecting his midriff, a white sash, a dark blue hakama and sandals over charcoal-grey socks. When not in uniform, Yasusada dons a dark blue kimono and hakama, with the long sleeves tied back with braided cord as to not get in the way when performing chores although on some rare occasions, he can be seen wearing a simple white button-down shirt and relatively form-fitting khaki trousers. But that's mostly for when his other casual clothes are in the washing and he doesn't have anything else to wear (he tends to prefer traditional-style clothes). No matter what he's wearing at the moment, he'll have a white scarf around his neck. It's very important to him, as the scarf had belonged to Okita Souji.
Physically, outfit aside, Yasusada still does look very much alike to Okita, but to an extent. At 165 centimeters, he isn't exactly tall, just slightly below the male average height in Japan. Although not exactly muscular, Yasusada is lean and toned, with little or no excess fat on his body, although his slightly rounded face might be misleading. He's got pale, smooth porcelain-like skin, large, allegedly "innocent-looking" blue eyes with long black lashes, soft pink lips, a small beauty mark under his left eye and thick, fluffy black hair, usually tied in a ponytail with a white ribbon but reaching mid-back length when let loose. His bangs are longer on the sides, framing his face, and parted slightly to the right. They're slightly choppy and uneven, due to an accident where part of his bangs were chopped off by an enemy sword during a fight, narrowly missing his face. Because of this he can sometimes be seem wearing a pink cherry blossom hairpin (given to him by Kashuu Kiyomitsu after the incident) to keep the unevenly-cut hair out of his eyes.


Brief history|歴史說明:
The year is 2205. "Historical revisionists" looking to change the course of history have launched their attacks on the past. The Saniwa sages, who have been charged with protecting history, have given life to the strongest tsukumogami known as the "Touken Danshi." (刀剣男士, literally "Sword Warriors" or "sword boys".)
The Hanamaru citadel was one of many that was built in Japan in the early 2200's to serve as a home and safe base for "an anonymous saniwa" and the Touken Danshi. Like most (if not all) others, it was built in the style of a traditional Japanese castle with separate buildings and areas which were divided into dormitories/barracks, living areas, a forge, a gymnasium for training, an infirmary, an office, fields for growing crops, stables for horses, the master's chambers and various traditional-style courtyards and gardens. The roofs are coloured light blue, similar to the roof tiles of Osaka Castle before it was burned down. The exact location or even which prefecture/province it is located in is unspecified. We only know that it is built somewhere in Japan, in a wide valley near a forest, away from any major cities or urban areas, but there's a convenience store nearby so it is likely to be located within reach of civilisation. The Hanamaru citadel houses up to fourty-seven Touken Danshi, the first of many being Kashuu Kiyomitsu-- another famous sword once wielded by Okita Souji.

Religious affiliation|宗教:

Any special powers or abilities|特別な能力:
Skilled with a sword and very agile. Like all the Touken Danshi, when he enters the "awakened" state (真剣必殺) during battle he will become remarkably stronger, but with Yasusada especially this is much more significant due to his usually low stats.

Theme song|主題歌:
『花丸◎日和!』、市来光弘と増田俊樹。("Hanamaru Biyori!", sung by Ichiki Mitsuhiro and Toshiki Masuda.)

Yasusada's colour on the chatbox is #48929B or Asagi-iro (浅葱色), the colour of the Shinsengumi uniform haori.
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僕は大和守安定、沖田総司の愛刀。よろしく。 (Hanamaru Application) [I LOST MY ORIGINAL ACCOUNT]
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