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 Welcome to the Golden State!

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Kassie Jones

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PostSubject: Welcome to the Golden State!   Fri Dec 11, 2015 8:54 pm

Name: Kassie Jones (Nicknames: Kass, KJ, K-Ass) When she dressed like a boy: Kale

Representative of: California

Gender: Female

Age: She is 16 in human years, but as a state she was formally welcomed into the Union on Sept 9, 1850. So she is at least 156 years old. But she as a person was created around the 1830's when the revolts began against Mexico.

Brief personality: You wouldn't believe it, but back before America found her, she was a lonely and somber person. She grew up without anyone to call family, which caused her attitude towards others to be untrusting and rather sour. But after she met America, her mood seemed to improve considerably. Now she is often seen as the most bubbliest person in the room. She will often go up to complete strangers and shake their hands and introduce herself. After all, being in the movie industry helped her form this happy go lucky personality. She may seem like a airhead, often taking snide comments or hurtful words with a smile and a shrug. But she is actually quite cynical and smarter than she lets on. She is quite good at debates and isn't afraid to speak her mind. But as of late she has come to crave friendship which is hard for her, since she isn't used to making friends.  She is used to being alone and not relying on love or family. She's also willing to try anything once, so she can be quite fearless and does have a bit of a reckless attitude.

Brief physical description: Ever in a constant war with her body, Kassie struggles to remain thin and perfect as much as possible. She will often go on strict diets and while loves junk food will resist the urge if a new role is coming up. She is rather petite at 5 feet 2 inches tall and has long wavy blonde hair that she will sometimes dye. Often she will have pink streaks in it as that is all the rage right now. She has blue eyes the color of the ocean and will wear make up, but just enough to mask any imperfections she sees. She's always in style and will wear anything from cute dresses to jeans and a tank top. But she loves her cowboy boots and hat. Western is in!

Brief Personal History: Kassie was more or less *born* right before the revolts against Mexico started. Her first memories were of being alone in a dusty, sandy cave. No one raised her, grew up alone and resentful towards everyone. But it wasn't soon after, that America found her. Alone and clinging to rocks. Looking more like a wild animal than human. He brought her to a town and gave her someone to stay with and food and clothing. He in a sense saved her life, Which is why to this day she is rather dedicated to him and the kindness she knows he possess. It was right around then the revolts against Mexico began full swing and her burning for independence blazed out of control. She cut off her hair and fought for her own independence. Once she became a official state, she was probably the happiest she had ever been. It wasn't until the Gold Rush though that her state was becoming popular. When Gold was discovered she was shocked. Suddenly people were arriving from other states...even countries! She had never been so overwhelmed in her life and she herself wanted in on the action. She cut off all her hair and dressed as a man and began to mine for gold when she still appeared as a 12 year old. It was hard work, but she managed to get gold, enough to live on for quite a while. Since then, she has more or less isolated herself from the rest of the world. She hesitantly took sides in the Revolutionary War, being Union. But, she didn't see much of the battle. One, America wouldn't let her go into the war and two she couldn't find herself the drive to go against the other states. Thus she stayed out of the war as much as possible since she was on the other side of the country anyway. When she first saw a moving picture though, Kassie became entranced and more intrigued by it. When Hollywood sprang up, she started to watch the moving pictures. Seeing them evolve and transform caused her to have a new dream. She became a Hollywood Starlet. At first she only showed up in small roles considering she didn't age much in the coming years. She stared in only one film and even then it wasn't anything more than a B movie at best. Nowadays though, Kassie is seen either surfing, chatting up the Hollywood Executives, shopping or singing. She seems to have really grasped life and has kept herself busy. But lately, America has convinced her to start making friends.

Brief history:

Religious affiliation: It's pretty much deadlocked between Protestant, Roman Catholic and No religion. Right now she's more Agnostic than anything because of the change in culture.

Any special powers or abilities: She can speak quite a few languages since California has multiple different cultures living within it. English and Spanish are the ones she uses often. But she's got a high Vietnamese and Koren population too. In all she knows 16 different languages. She's also quite good with a pistol from her wild west days. Secretly she started to learn Magic since the New Age craze spread. She's pretty horrible at it. Can't do one spell right!
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Welcome to the Golden State!
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