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 Ohhh~ Hello~ My name is Carver, but feel free to call me Cary~

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Cary Patel (North Island)
Cary Patel (North Island)

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PostSubject: Ohhh~ Hello~ My name is Carver, but feel free to call me Cary~   Sun Jan 08, 2017 6:21 am

Name: Carver (Cary) Patel

Represents: North Island of New Zealand

Age: around 17

Personality: Unlike his twin brother, Cary is extremely flirty, and extroverted. He is basically the one, really sassy dude, you are pretty sure is gay, but not certain. Anyways, he hates being woken up earlier than he chooses to be woken up, and he hates going to sleep earlier than he chooses to go to sleep. He is almost always grumpy, or salty about something, but he always tries to keep his twin brother happy. He is the only person that he cares about if they're happy or not. He also sucks ass at cooking.

Appearance: Whereas his twin Brother might be wearing flannel, Cary would be wearing designer clothing and makeup. He always had more money, so his clothes are of higher quality, and it is easy to tell that his hair is styled, not by himself. He also has ear piercings, and a tongue ring to go along with it. Cary's eyes are a light brown shade, that matches his hair very well, and his skin is pale, just like his brothers. And Cary is a few inches shorter than his brother.

History: New Zealand was discovered by Kupe, the legendary Maori explorer. He came to New Zealand approximately a thousand years ago and settled much of the land. Tribes built pa (villages) throughout the North Island.

In the early 1800s Captain Cook, the famed British explorer, sighted New Zealand. News travelled fast, and soon traders, and whalers came to New Zealand. In the 1830s European settlers began to arrive. Much of the land was purchased or taken from the local tribes causing anger and strife throughout the country.

The Land Wars of the 1860s came about over the dispute over land. In 1863 the New Zealand Settlements Act was established and 500,000 hectares of land in the Waikato region was confiscated from the Maori people. Peace was later established, and the European settlers cleared the land, and began building towns and cities.

Religious Affiliation: N/A

Powers: N/A
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Fernando {2p! M! Granada}
Fernando {2p! M! Granada}

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PostSubject: Re: Ohhh~ Hello~ My name is Carver, but feel free to call me Cary~   Thu Feb 09, 2017 7:37 pm

Hello there, and good evening! It seems that you've rushed through the application quite a bit. I'm not too sure if you're active right now, but if you want this to come through, then the physical and psychological description need (at the very least) a few more sentences (as the minimum amount of sentences would be 5).

Another recommendation I give to polish your application better and for it to be easier to navigate through the app would be to put your story in-between spoilers. The way to format it is:

[spoiler.]I love me some bacon.[/spoiler]

It's just a matter to get rid of the dot from above and you'll be able to paste everything inside right away without making all of it look cramped. e.g I'll type below random letters to see how actually neat and efficient it is for big texts:


I will give you 1 week from today to modify your application, if you need help don't hesitate to P.M me!
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Ohhh~ Hello~ My name is Carver, but feel free to call me Cary~
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