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 Oh! Hello! I'm Abby!

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Abby Patel (South Island)
Abby Patel (South Island)

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Oh! Hello! I'm Abby! Empty
PostSubject: Oh! Hello! I'm Abby!   Oh! Hello! I'm Abby! Icon_minitimeSun Jan 08, 2017 5:51 am

Name: Abraham (Abby) Patel

represents: the south Island of New Zealand

Age: About 17

Personality: Abby is a very effeminate boy, along with his twin brother. However, unlike his twin, Abby is extremely Shy. Several years of being Isolated, and forgotten, have made him shy, and quiet. Abby loves to cook things as well. but most of all, Abby has an addiction to reading, cuddling up in blankets, and staying alone. Although, if you pry enough, you can get him to show off a much more interesting side of his personality. Despite his timidness, and being a huge introvert, Abby is a very avid climber, generally athletic, and will sometimes climb onto the backs of taller people without telling them. Most of the time though, he is content with simply cuddling his stuffed animals.

Appearance: Abby often can be seen carrying a teddy bear close to his chest. This is not something he will ever explain. he just does it. Anyways, Abby has very silky, and soft brown hair. His hair usually is very well kept, however, sometimes after certain activities, his hair becomes disheveled, and he goes with it. the clothes he wears is almost always some sort of soft flannel, like Canada's 2p, or pajama type clothing. Sometimes, he might be wearing female clothes too. His skin is fair, and his eyes match his twin's. By far, his favorite clothes though, are a pair of pajamas, and pink slippers that he can wear around without being bothered.


Religious affiliation: none

Powers: n/A

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Oh! Hello! I'm Abby!
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