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 うわぁ、きれいな光だ…! {Amatsu Shrine Application}

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Gokotai {Amatsu Shrine}

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PostSubject: うわぁ、きれいな光だ…! {Amatsu Shrine Application}   Fri Dec 30, 2016 6:07 pm

Amatsu Shrine


Gokotai Yoshimitsu (五虎退 義満).

Representative of:

Amatsu Shrine (天津神社).




He appears to be a young boy, but the shrine has been standing for hundreds of years.

Brief personality:

Gokotai is somebody who at first appears as a very shy individual and is prompt to stutter while he speaks. He has a noticeably gentle nature, emphasized by his soft voice tone in conversations and the way he would never impose himself over somebody else. He shows to be pretty timid and sometimes self-conscious. He's really reserved, humble and he will always act with an excellent politeness. He's a sensitive boy who also doesn't enjoy conflict or something as measly as sparring, but he would be willing to fight to defend those whom he loves. Upon becoming friends with him, he will become quite affectionate and will seek the person's affection as well. He's extremely loyal and is always striving to do his very best.

Brief physical description:

Gokotai is a young-looking boy who stands at a height of 135 cm, being noticeably very short and vulnerable-seeming. He has smooth, pale skin and he's pretty babyfaced, adding some innocence and sweetness into his soft facial complexion. He has big, honey-colored (almost golden) eyes with long eyelashes, that make them look almost feline. One of his most kitty-like traits would be the tiny fangs that he has and his uneven hair. He has his signature short, blonde locks of hair, the right side of his face and his right eye almost completely covered by them, that side of them being rather curly. While the other side of his hair uncovers his eye and ear, and spikes up in an almost cat ear-like fashion.

He wears a very dark blue, almost black-looking, uniform with a matching cap to add to it. He also bears a short sword, which case is white and with black spots, almost as if referencing a white tiger-esque pattern. He's also always accompanied by his 5 tigers, who are basically tiny little kittens with black bows carefully tied around their necks. Gokotai takes great care of them and, in spite of his name and purpose, he loves them and tigers deeply.

Physical Appearance:

Brief history:

Amatsu Shrine (天津神社) is the Japanese Shinto shrine in Itoigawa, Niigata. Amatsu was one of the chief Shinto shrines (ichinomiya) of the old Echigo Province. It serves today as one of the ichinomiya of Niigata Prefecture. The enshrined kami are:

  • 瓊瓊杵尊

  • 天児屋根神

  • 太玉命

Ichinomiya is a historical term referring to the Japanese Shinto shrines with the highest shrine rank (ja:社格) in a province or prefecture.

Religious affiliation:


Any special powers or abilities:

He has the ability to turn into a tantou, which is a regular short sword.

Sword Appearance:

Gokotai's personal history:

Gokotai was a tantou made by Awataguchi Yoshimitsu during the Kamakura Period (1185–1333). Initially Gokotai was owned by one of Ashikaga Yoshiteru's envoy.

The Ashikaga envoy was sent on a mission to Ming (China) to build trade relations with the Ming in order to secure funds for the Ashikaga clan to build the Tenryuuji Temple. On his way to Ming, he encountered 5 tigers. The envoy was frightened and he took out his tantou and waved frantically while having his eyes closed. After awhile he opened his eyes and realized the tigers were gone. He managed to chase away the tigers by just brandishing the tantou!

When he got back from his mission, he told this story to Ashikaga Yoshimitsu (足利義満) and presented this tantou as Gokotai, the tantou that drove away 5 tigers. Go (五) = five, Ko (虎) = tiger, Tai (退) = chase/drive away/repel. Gokotai is also known as Gokotai Yoshimitsu.

Years later, Gokotai's ownership shifted to Emperor Ougimachi (正親町天皇). In Year 1559, Emperor Ougimachi and Ashikaga Yoshimitsu requested to meet Uesugi Kenshin (上杉謙信). During this meeting, Emperor Ougimachi gave Uesugi Kenshin his tantou, Gokotai. From then on Gokotai became the Uesugi clan's property.

Several hundred years later, Emperor Meiji (明治天皇) visited Uesugi clan at Yonezawa in 1881. Known as a sword enthusiast, Emperor Meiji was presented several blades from the Uesugi clan's collection. He was so into looking at the blades he even extended his stay and cancelled his appointments. (cancelling appointments during those days is considered extremely rare and not to mention rude!) After some time Gokotai was presented to Emperor Meiji. As Emperor Meiji possessed an Awataguchi Yoshimitsu tantou too, he proceeded to compare these 2 blades. These two blades are of the same length and the build is almost the same. So he asked a sword expert from Hon'ami school. The expert then said the tantou that Emperor Meiji holds is more superior compared to Gokotai. And so Emperor Meiji joked if Gokotai can ward off 5 tigers, maybe his tantou can ward off 10 tigers! I guess this explains Gokotai's timid personality. He may have driven away 5 tigers in the past but he's really just a regular short sword afterall!

Gokotai was privately owned by the Uesugi descendants, but soon he regained some independence and decided to represent one of the shrines within the Echigo province.

P.S: Emperor Meiji was a sword fanatic, it was said that he owned about 3,000 swords!

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うわぁ、きれいな光だ…! {Amatsu Shrine Application}
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