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 Hello~ How About A Quick F***?

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Soriphyne Rihajna (Iura)

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PostSubject: Hello~ How About A Quick F***?   Tue Dec 13, 2016 8:31 pm

Soriphyne Rihajna.



Physical Description:
Eyes: Green.
Hair: Black.
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 150 lb.
Bust: 36 DD
More Info: Soriphyne is a tall, lithe individual with an extremely curvy body with large womanly features. She has chest-length, curly black hair that glistens in the light, as well as bright green eyes. Her forearms fade to black, reaching pitch black by the time it reaches her hands. At the ends of her fingers are large claws, though she can poof them away as need be. She usually has them out though, along with her skeletal-looking tail and horns. Her favourite colours are black and green, so she wears the two of them often. She always wears skimpy, leathery clothes that show off her body features.


Brief Personality:
Soriphyne is a sly, cunning individual who uses manipulation and emotions to get to her victims. She’s a succubus, so she tries to sleep with any attractive person she meets, as that’s how she lives. She’s very demanding since she’s used to getting what she wants, and getting in the way of what she wants can lead to violence. She has no emotional attachment to anyone currently since she hates all of her friends and sleeps with anyone she meets. She’s lacking in people to care about, which is something she secretly craves. With every passing day, she continues to feel empty, using sex to keep herself happy. Other than sex, she spends most of her time torturing innocent victims, as she has major sadist tendencies that she needs to fulfil at least once a day. These tendencies lead her to be violent, and her violence leads her to have a quick temper. Although she’s more reasonable than her brother, Ryukju, she still has a similar personality to him. She has a rather dark sense of humour and a fascination in anything dark or grotesque.

Personal History:
Coming soon.

Representative Of:
Iura, Anrihajn.

Iura means “the right” or “rules,” based on their Authoritarian rule.

Former Names:

Day Formed:
Millenniums ago.



N/A, since it’s simply a city.


Underneath Anrihajn.

268 sq mi.

Still goes by the Anrihajn’s flag.

Coat of Arms:

“Adducam interitum.”

Iura is a city of demons that can be found by going into a cave behind the waterfall on the Iura River. This is where the majority of the demons on the island reside, other more noble demons living around Gyrudus’ Castle. There’s not much to the history other than that Ryukju used to rule it, but when Gyrudus passed, the role was given to Daymojn. The city is popular for demons that want to reap souls whilst living in a luxurious, foreign place from Hell, far from Malachi’s rule. The place goes by Hell’s rule, but the rules are enforced more loosely. The living conditions are supreme, but living there is extremely expensive.

Anari: Sister
Daymojn: Brother
Gyrudus: Father
Ryukju: Brother

Major Exports:
Souls (to Hell).

Religious Affiliation:
Any Abrahamic religion.

Special Abilities
She’s a strong demon, so she has the ability to use magic.
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Hello~ How About A Quick F***?
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